Home Decor Vastu: The people ruled by the scorpion sun sign have a mystical life, and forgiving someone is a tough task. Because of its incredible passion and power, this sun sign is often mistaken for a fire sign. A scorpion sun sign is a water sign that obtains strength from the psychic and emotional realm.

Scorpion Sun Sign

People of this sun sign love their family a lot and are career-oriented people. In fact, the scorpions prefer to spend time alone but don’t mind attending a party or socializing occasionally. The mood swings and the non-forgivable approach of the Scorpions are likely to create an imbalance in life. So, scroll down the blog post and read more about the scorpion sun sign and how, with Vastu decorative items, they can restrict negativity and bring in wealth and positivity. 

Home Interior & Décor Tips for Scorpion Sun Sign

It might seem like fluff to many, but your sun sign says a lot about your personality and preferences. And how you live can majorly affect the kind of energy you attract. Given that you need to be really careful about your house’s architecture and interior and office space where you spend most of your time. Its intensity and highly secretive nature characterize the scorpion sun sign. Scorpions typically gravitate towards something intense, and that’s why they thrive for something with an aura of mystery. 

Color Scheme

Scorpion Sun Sign
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Empowering colour tone – When it comes to the colour scheme of the house, if the predominant colour in your house belongs to those of your sun sign, colours such as maroon, dark red, or violet, then the weaker characteristic of your personality (factors like jealousy, cunning, and sarcasm) tend to cause a disturbance in your home. Hence, it is suggested to use shades of green in the overall scheme of the colour you use in your home to balance out things and make way for positivity and integrate loyalty, determination and temper the weakness.

  • Colors of harmony – To maintain harmony and peace, try to integrate green color in your room, especially during the festivities or any social gathering.
  • Color that impacts your earning power – In your workspace or workstation, try using the blue color elements; it helps attracts positive energies and directly impacts your earning power.

Furniture Pick for Scorpion Sun Sign

Scorpion Sun Sign
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As the sun sign is mysterious and mythical, the furniture that suits this sun sign is heavy furniture with hidden drawers and storage spaces and something antiques and obsolete.

Bring in Nature

Scorpion Sun Sign

As the water element governs the scorpion sun sign, they must bring in nature in some form. Keeping indoor plants will help to eliminate the negativity in the house.

Here are a few Vastu tips for scorpion sun signs to make their living space more positive and energized and absorb the maximum power of panchtatva, i.e., space, earth, air, fire, and water.

Tips to Restore Energy Imbalance at Home

Here are some handy tips to help restore your house’s energy imbalance and lead to a lucky direction for scorpions.

  • Accept the fact that Karma plays an important role in human life.
  • Remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Reassess your beliefs and find how they impact your life both positively as well as negatively.
  • Always remember that time does reflect in life, and thus think before you speak and act.
  • Must have a divine corner at home where you can sit and chant prayer during a particular time of the day.
  • Face towards the north-west during the prayer time.

Home Décor Items for Scorpion Sun Sign

Scorpion Sun Sign
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  • Mystic Star is the very first home décor item to be placed in a home of a scorpion. This star symbolizes prophecy and blessings and also acts as an inspiration to touch new heights in life.
  • Kabbalah is a map to enroute wisdom, especially for those who wish to reveal mysteries of life.
  • Alchemist’s rose indicates the heart and purifies the soul from all evil and negative thoughts. This home décor item makes a person more positive and soulful.
  • Will and testament – This is an essential legal document and not a home décor. A person ruled by Scorpio must keep this at home as it indicates the passing of legacy to the next generation and makes you feel responsible as an inheritor.
  • Candles – the illumination of candles is the best way to restrict negative vibes’ entry inside a home. But, be careful and only use:
Scorpion Sun Sign
  1. Purple–colored candle to achieve the desired result or to realize the dream.
  2. White-colored candle to offer protection and comfort to mind and soul.
  3. A golden-colored candle generates your interest in life and allows you to gain more understanding.
  4. Silver-colored candle inspires you to learn and change.
  • Sandalwood aroma is best suitable for the people ruled by Scorpion sun sign, while the lavender fragrance allows you to stay neutral.
  • Tall indoor plants maintain the vertical flow of energy.
  • Big and bright-colored flowers bring vibrancy and positivity home.

Keep Your House Clutter-Free

Once you design and décor your house and office space following your zodiac sign’s traits, then your friends and relatives are likely to notice that and say that your place exudes mystifying charm. It is believed that people of this sun sign have lived a transparent life in their past incarnations, and after learning some hard lessons from that characteristic, it has lead them to the evolution of their soul. Now you showcase mysticism and secrecy, and the home reflects the evolution of your soul.