Correct Vastu Dosha
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Vastu is the Sanskrit name of abode and Shastra is a technique or a methodology to allow the bring happiness inside it. However, many people feel that their stars are being unfavorable at times and this reflects in unsuccessful career, quarrel between the family members and not so happy growth in the personal life. But, renovating the place according to the Vastu Shastra is not possible every time. Hence, we suggest you options to rectify the vastu dosha without making any structural changes.

  1. The first vastu remedy to rectify vastu dosha is to allow bright light at the entry gate as Laxmi the goodness of money is believed to come inside the home during the evenings.
  2. Secondly, never place a television in the bedroom as the apt place to get this gadget installed is the Southeast corner and not the northeast or the southwest corner.
  3. Thirdly, displace the water and plant placement inside the bedroom as it is majorly responsible for the unstable financial condition.
  4. The dining area should never face towards the entry gate and the hanging of a bright sunny artwork on the southern wall is said to be beneficial according to the Vastu dosha.
  5. The next big thing to rectify the vastu dosha is not to keep a broom, mirror and a mop in the kitchen.
  6. Try to keep the washroom door close every time as this restricts the flow of negative energy inside the home.
  7. The hanging of a happy family photograph in the living room removes unhappy vibes from the abode.
  8. The south or west direction is best suitable for the installation of a toilet seat.
  9. The storage of rusted pipes, dried flowers, stale food, torn clothes, materialistic waste and empty jars should not be kept inside the home.
  10. Add sea salt or gaumutra [cow urine] in water to clean up the home.

Keep these things into consideration and stay away from the negative vibes generated due to vastu dosha.