Vastu Tips for ‘Libra’ Sun Sign

People ruled by Libra have a balanced nature and hence they manage love, beauty, money and relationships in an easy manner. These people are born artists and thus the home décor ideas for Libra is completely customized. So, take a look vastu tips for Libra zodiac and make home a blissful place for living.

Tips to Restore Energy Imbalance in Home

Every person in a relationship requires his/her space and the shortage of the same results in energy imbalance at home. All this increase negativity inside the abode and then the chances of conflicts and wrong apprehension develop. So, here we offer tips to keep positivity inside a libra-owned home.

  • Try to accept yourself without any change.
  • Experience the beauty of being together as a family.
  • Plan social gathering at your place and get involved in conversations with common family friends and relatives.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask if something is wrong between you and the other family members such as a spouse, kids and in-laws.
  • Try to find the same support from your loved ones as you used to get earlier.
  • Don’t let your best friends and well-wishers go away due to any reason.

Libra Zodiac and Home Décor

The south-west corner of a home is believed to be a Libra zone and thus reflects on relationships directly. This location is also said to be related with your karma and thus keeps the below-mentioned Vastu home décor for Libra in mind.

  • Keep Ceramic bowls and ornaments in South-West direction.
  • Keep the south-west corner illuminated inside the home.
  • The placing of a nine-rod ceramic wind chime in South-West direction is a sign of peace and prosperity.
  • Hang love birds or harmony artwork in the South-west direction of the home.
  • The placing of rose or pink tulips in the south-west direction is also a good option

Vastu Colours for Libra Zodiac

  • White is the best suitable colour for home décor of Libra property owners as it balances the harmony in the atmosphere.
  • Green colour brings in prosperity with itself and thus you can grow professionally by having this vastu colour at home.
  • Blue is the colour that can do wonders for you personally as well as professionally.

Fragrance for Libra Home Owners

Let the home smell happy and positive with the fragrances of jasmine, vanilla, violet and rose.