vastu tips for virgo zodiac
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Home decor Vastu tips for Virgo Zodiac: Planet Mercury rules the Virgo sun sign, and the people falling under the impression of this zodiac are easy-going and disciplined at the same time. Born between August and September, these people have the best compatibility with Pisceans and Cancer-ruled persons. Today we will tell you more about the Virgo zodiac sign and how they can attract positivity and wealth with home décor Vastu tips for Virgo zodiac sign

Vastu Tips for Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo is the sixth house of the zodiac and thus leaves a substantial impact on all aspects of your life, including health, wealth, peace, growth, and prosperity. So, remember that the east direction of a home or a room brings in positive vibes. It also works as an accelerator that allows a person to excel in both professional and personal life.

Another essential aspect to keep in mind is to maintain a healthy balance of natural elements. You must include appliances, books, and some practical tools as home accessories.  

Things to place for Virgo Zodiac Sign 

  1. The placing of planters and flowering plants at home, especially those that restrict negative energy from entering inside the abode, is a must.
  2. The east direction is perfect for keeping fresh fruits as it indicates prosperity and good health of the family members.
  3. The painting of a room or any area in blue color is believed to be ideal home décor for the owner ruled by the Virgo zodiac.
  4. Another important home décor element for those ruled by the Virgo sun sign is a happy family picture that reflects the strong bond between the loved ones.
  5. Crystal is an essential home décor item for the property owners ruled by the Virgo zodiac.

Vastu Décor Tips For Virgo Zodiac Sign To Help Deal With Health Issues 

  1. Firstly, shift your bed from the current position if a common wall is shared between the bedroom and washroom/toilet. This is so because a person’s strength is drown down via this positing of a bed.
  2. Secondly, lit up some incense sticks while offering prayers to the almighty and place these sticks in the centre of your home as this place belongs to god and is known as Brahmasthan. Vastu Shastra believes that this practice takes your wishes straight to the god and in return, you are blessed with prosperity and success.
  3. Cure ill health and an unsuccessful stint in life with lights. Those ruled by Virgo sun sign must lit up a lamp in the centre of their home as it fills the abode with positivity and good energy while prohibiting the entry of negative vibes.

Choose The Right Color Code for Virgo Zodiac Sign  

Shades of Harmony – Shades of green like Moss green, bottle green, green with a dash of black is suitable as it creates harmony among one and all.

Shades of Success – The addition of green, white and yellow to the wardrobe is the best to achieve success in life.

Shades of Power – To attract money and enhance your wealth, you must include Jade green color. You can integrate the color in personal corner or workstation at work to get the maximum benefits.

Having small bright – Colour flowers like buttercup and 10’O Clock and Calendula flowers is perfect for those ruled by the Virgo sun sign.

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Vastu Décor Tips For Virgo Zodiac Sign – Pick The Right Furniture

The Virgo sun sign people believe that a healthy flow of energy is a key element for healthy living, being said that the Virgo zodiac sign must opt for a wooden bed frame, as it doesn’t distort the local magnetic field. Having a wooden bed frame will make way for calm energy in the bedroom, and it is comparatively softer than having a metal bed frame.

Fragrances For Virgo Zodiac sign

Those born under the Virgo Zodiac sign are practical people, and they often feel out of sorts when they come across any highly charged emotional situation at home. Similarly, any strong fragrance at home or outside will make them uncomfortable; hence, they must include some aromatic candles, soothing essential oils, mild room fragrance, or aromatic candles to create a quiet and calming environment at home. 

So, that is it for a round-up of all the essential Vastu décor tips for Virgo zodiac sign. If you’re a Virgo reading this blog, then try integrating these Vastu tips in your house, and you will start experiencing positive changes in your life.