Those born between 21st December and 19th January have Capricorn as their sun sign and are ruled by the planet Saturn. You people have a focused mind and it applies same to home décor. Thus, many of you look for a home that is capacious and can offer happiness throughout life. So, here are some tips to consider for decorating the home of a person having Capricorn as a sun sign.

Complete Home Décor of a Capricorn Person:

Being ruled by Saturn, you people wish to invest in a home décor that can last long. Also, not many of you like to shop for trendy home décor items as they get out of fashion after a small time. So, you are suggested to use natural materials, precious metals and authentic gems/crystals. The home décor should include colours like dark earthy tones, slate grey and forest green.

Also, don’t forget to have a WALL of FAME at home to display the trophies and mementos won by you.

Colour Palatte for a Capricorn Person:

Colours for Empowerment: The use of black and indigo colours proves beneficial to earn long-lasting returns as it balances your patience, perseverance and the ability to aim big.

Colours for Harmony: At times you find it hard to absorb both yourself and others in some conditions and to deal with this situation you are suggested to use silver coloured home décor. The vibes of silver colour help you stay balanced even in the worst condition.

Colours for Enhancing Earning Power: The shade of blue colour particularly the ultramarine blue is best suitable for your home as it will help you achieve huge success both personally as well as in the professional life.

Furniture Tips for Capricorn Person:

The placing of solid furniture is suitable for you and a large study table along with the dining table will make your home décor look beautiful. Also, the addition of a solid shoe rack will also elevate the home décor.

Fragrance Tips for Capricorn Person:

The gentle fragrance of earthy, natural, floral and herbal aromas is perfect for your home. You can also make use of pine, magnolia, sweet pea and wintergreen in the abode. These fragrances will upbeat the mood and will add positivity inside a home.

Gardening Tip for a Capricorn Person:

The greens alone will not work for you. Hence, you are required to have flowers, bonsai plants and a variety of Ikebana in the garden area as these flowers help to focus in order to achieve targets in life.