Ideas for Old Sofa
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The home décor world is full of trending ideas. It changes with taste and time. Gone are the days when people fear to experiment with furniture placement and design. These days the internet is full of various designer ideas that completely upgrade the look of your home instantaneously. One such furniture which needs a makeover from time to time is your couch or sofa placed in the drawing room. Following some easy, creative and elegant ideas you can easily give your old traditional sofa a new look. Scroll down and check how?

Place Sofa Runner

Place Sofa Runner
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Often placed on a dining table or centre table, a runner has the potential to give any old furniture a new look. Same is the case with Sofa too. Place a colourful and contrasting Sofa runner on your old couch to give it a vibrant look.

Add Contrasting Rug

Contrasting Rug
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Place a beautiful contrasting rug below the sofa centre table. It will not only give a chic look to space but will also add an appealing element to the room.

Place Ascent Piece

Place Ascent Piece
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An ascent piece on the centre table attracts anyone instantaneously making the overall space more presentable and welcoming. Just pick any creative art piece or a beautiful flower vase or any attractive tray and enhance the beauty of your old sofa set.

Place Green Planters

Place Green Planters
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Beautify your old sofa by adding refreshing green planters adjacent to them. You can also change the direction of the sofa and place it nearby window to add enjoy cool breeze along with pollution free environment

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows
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Place different shapes and colours through pillows to upgrade your traditional sofa. You can also place contracting and vibrant hues pillows to give it a catchy look.

Give a Balanced Look

Balanced Look
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Don’t mess up the room by creating a clutter. Sometimes maintaining a balance also adds appeal to the place. Place your sofa in such a way that it looks much more symmetrical. It enhances space and maintaining the look of the room.