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Home Colour As Per Vastu To bring Happiness

Home Colour As Per Vastu: Indian culture is admired globally because its phenomenon justifies modern science. One of the major gifts that our culture bestowed upon us is Vastu.

Vastu is an ancient manual for home architecture that is on par with modern-day blueprints. However, in some regions, people who choose their home colour as per vastu are considered superstitious.

There are tonnes of studies that prove the psychological benefits of the right color choices around us. People who fail to see the significance of Vastu in modern architecture homes are scientifically outdated.

Choosing your house color as per Vastu can benefit your:

  • Productivity level
  • Mood
  • Health
  • Efficiency
  • Energy balance

Now that you know the significance of Vastu. Let’s move on to the primary objective of this article.

Which Color Is Best For Home As Per Vastu?

Here are well-researched Vastu shastra colors tips for home to select the perfect home colour as per vastu:

#1: Master Bedroom Wall Colors According To Vastu:

home colour as per vastu
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The purpose of the master bedroom is for relaxation and love. Therefore, blue and pink are the perfect wall colors according to Vastu. Best Bedroom colour as per vastu is Blue color because it calms the body as it is associated with a cool and peaceful environment.

As far as love is concerned, pink is the ultimate symbol of love. It is not as passionate as red, making it a proportionally perfect color for love.

In most cases, people use a combination of blue and pink in order to create a balance in emotions.

#2: Guest Room Wall Colors According To Vastu:

home colour as per vastu
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Whenever someone visits your place, they should be attended in the most comfortable section. Colors play a huge role in making your guest room lively and welcoming.

For your guest room, you can use a combination of bright colors. White is the most soothing color out there. However, the plain white room can never be lively.

Therefore, you should use a combination of bright colors with white as the primary shade in your room.

#3: Kid’s Room Wall Colors According To Vastu:

home colour as per vastu
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As an adult, you can distinguish your emotions and choose the right course of action. However, that’s not the case with your kids. They are still exploring and any minor disruption can influence their personality drastically.

For your kid’s room, green and yellow are the perfect wall colors according to Vastu. The green color signifies growth, health, and compassion. On the other hand, yellow is associated with optimism and intelligence. Together, these colors can give your child a positive and thriving mindset.

You should avoid using dominant colors like dark blue or red.

#4: Kitchen Wall Colors According To Vastu:

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In our house, the kitchen is the domain of fire. This region is exposed to fire throughout the day.

According to Vastu, red is the closest representation of fire. Therefore, it is a must-have shade in your kitchen.

Painting your walls completely red can be stressful, therefore, using stripes and speckles of red color is the best way to do it.

Throw a bit of red here and there. It will keep your kitchen warm without triggering any negative emotions.

Avoid using dark colors in your kitchen as it will reduce the effectiveness of “red” color on your walls.

#5: Bathroom Wall Colors According To Vastu:

bathroom colour min
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The bathroom and toilet have a relatively lower temperature in your house. Instead of contradicting this cool setting, you should amplify it.

Dark colors are mostly responsible for disrupting the temperature of your room. Colors like blue, lime, pink, and white are the best wall colors according to Vastu.

#6: Entrance Wall Colors According To Vastu:

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One of the most crucial regions of your house is your entrance. According to Vastu, your entrance determines the energy that will enter your house. It can be positive or negative.

A good choice of colors limits the amount of negative energy that will enter your house. Vastu emphasizes using light colors on your entrance. Now, if you can’t decide which color, then you should go for Green.

In addition to that, you can place some plants to make it more welcoming.

#7: Outside Wall Colors According To Vastu

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Vastu is not only limited to interior shades, it also covers Vastu colors for home exterior walls.

The exterior of your house is the first thing anyone will notice. You can paint your house by the aura you want your house to carry.

Exterior walls give a little more flexibility to the owner. So, paint your exterior side home colour as per vastu.

If you want your house to have a soothing and relaxing touch, you can use lighter shades of green and blue. A moderately darker color will also work perfectly as it is outside your house.

You can create a peaceful environment by using white color for your exterior walls. Yellow can be used for positivity. You have a variety of bright colors to choose from.


Designating your home color as per Vastu is the best way to regulate positive energy in your house. Despite all the detailed categorization, Vastu never forces the owner to go for a couple of predefined colors. It gives you subtle hints on the shades and intensity of the colors you should use.

Vastu is the balance of natural elements and science that regulates the energy around us.