Green Home
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Today, the demand for housing has increased by manifolds and so has changed the necessities for living in the urban areas. Thus, the house building techniques, architectural designs and other amenities that are provided by the builder has witnessed a transformational change.

Green home is the word that comes to peoples mind as soon as one thinks about buying a home. But, still, there are certain misconceptions that make the aspiring home buyers review their decision of opting for a green home.

The primary misconception is that buying a Green home is costlier as compared to the regular property. Secondly, people think that this type of homes won’t fulfill the basic requirements of a common man. Last but not the least, many of the future landlords think that maintenance of a Green home is too costly. But, fortunately, all these are the myths as buying an eco-friendly home is a better option than being an owner of a regular property.

Concept of Green Home

The green home is a living area that is surrounded by the green belt. In fact, this kind of home uses natural resources to make living a better experience. Thus, a green home incorporates:

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Windows for Daylight
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Decomposition of Garbage
  • Space for Gardening

Advantages of Green Home

A green home is also known as Eco-friendly home and buying this property offers various options such as:

Healthy Life: The normally used home building material flush out various toxic gases and also incorporate dust which pollutes air. But, the use of natural resources for building a green home ensures purified air and thus it results in a healthy life.

Cost-Efficient: A green home cost less in comparison to a regular home as the owner gets relaxation from paying huge electricity and water bills along with other maintenance charges. This is so because the buyers have to make one-time-investment for installing solar panels and getting the rainwater harvesting system working in their living premises.

Clean & Green Environment: An eco-friendly home offers better living surroundings with lush green garden, kitchen garden space and the beautiful green belt around the residential space. The availability of green belt all around purifies the air and thus offers clean air to breath.

Points to Remember When Buying a Green Home

  1. Firstly, ask if the material used in the building can be reused, recycled or it is in a renewable form. This lets you know the quality of construction.
  2. Secondly, check for the papers like if the building has got Green Certification from Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Makes sure that the property you buy must have at least one of these certificates in comparison to none.
  3. You must also ensure that the property has proper Water conservation system, consumes less energy and have proper waste management system.

Well, the above-mentioned points prove that buying a green home is cost-efficient and is feasible for all income groups and are not built to cater a particular section of the society.