hollow books for decoration
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Home Decor: In the era of e-books and digital media, books are back in trend. To be accurate, books were never out of fashion, but they were not decoratives. Ever since books became a part of interior designing, people started using hollow books for decoration

Artworks and decoratives in your living room depict your personality. Knowledge is one of the most powerful traits. It creates an impression of wisdom and understanding. Therefore, books became a part of the living room. 

People who have their libraries started displaying their collections upfront. Others were left with hollow books. 

Originally, hollow books were used as secret shelves. They were the best means for sneaking restricted things. 

Over time, fake hardcovers of best-selling books came into the market as hollow books for decoration

What are hollow books?

hollow books for decoration
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Hollow books are hardcover books that look like a normal book from every corner. But, surprisingly, these books have a shaved cavity inside that makes them hollow. 

The inner void can be used to keep your secrets. It can be a key, a photograph, or anything valuable. It will look like a normal book on your bookshelf. 

Nowadays, hollow books for decoration are commonly available in markets, online stores, etc. You can show your creativity by designing your hollow book at home. 

How to place your books perfectly?

hollow books for decoration
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Every book is unique, and they have their distinct places in your house. Therefore, the placement of books is as important as their selection. You cannot pile your books at a side table randomly. 

This might give the impression of wisdom, but it will also point towards a lack of management. We are here to fix that. Here is how you should manage your books:

Old and valuable books

Before getting an original edition of an old book, you should know how to decorate with old books. These books are never meant to be on the coffee table. 

It is better to keep these books away from the reach of guests and children. An accidental coffee spill, and there goes your limited edition book. These books are collectables that should be placed on a bookshelf. 

Bookshelf is the better place for such valuable books. 

Fashion Magazines

Even if you are not a fashionista, you should have a couple of magazines on your coffee table. Even a non-reader will go through these magazines out of curiosity. 

The books on the table should be visually stunning, and magazines are the cheapest and easily available illustration books.

Photography Books

If you want to have more stunning illustrations at your place, there is a range of aesthetic coffee table books out there. 

Out of all the books on the table, a photography book will grab your attention faster. No one will be able to resist a great photography catalogue placed in front of them. 

These books are soothing and a visual treat. You never know what the next page might bring you. 


This is a no-brainer. All the book collections are like puzzle pieces. They complete each other. Therefore, these books are placed together every time. 

The books on the table are prone to damage. If a single book is ruined, it will ravage your whole collection. Therefore, always keep book collections on the bookshelves. That is the best way to showcase the collection to your visitors. 

Self-help books

These books enlighten you with the way of living. Of course, such books are not for everyone but self-help books can give a strong impression on your guests. 

You don’t have to keep these books on your bookshelves. Instead, you can keep them on your side table. 

Hollow books

Hollow books have a false cover. However, if you keep them right in front of your guests, the book will reveal itself pretty soon. 

Hollow books for decoration as well as hollow books for secret-keeping, both of them are better off on a bookshelf. 

Sometimes, people prefer to reveal their hollow books to their guests. They place them with the books on the table to gather attention. 

A book with an antique cover and hollow core can be an amusing piece among your aesthetic coffee table books

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Hollow books for decoration are a subjective choice. You can keep them a secret, or you can display your collection of hollow books. Books are the element of wisdom in your living room. Having books can give you an edge in a negotiation as it gives away the vibe of intelligence. If you are a reader, you know the bliss of reading a good book. If you are not, you should give it another try.