Heritage HomesOwning a heritage home is pure luck now as people nowadays are keen to sell such property and put all money in the bank while restricting them to an apartment. But, fortunately, some families prefer to keep the heritage home intact and renovate the same to enhance its beauty. So, if you are also planning something similar then here are some obvious questions that come to the mind. The FAQs given below may help you while renovating a heritage home and get the entire process done in a hassle-free manner.

1. Do I need to follow some guidelines to renovate a heritage home?

There are two situations and in the first case where an individual owns a heritage, home need not require any permission or follow a guideline to renovate a heritage home. Whereas a person is required to follow guidelines for renovation in case the heritage home is under Government possession.

2. What is the renovation cost of a Heritage Home?

The renovation cost of a heritage home with basic changes and zero replacements is 50 percent more as compared to the regular home. The exact value depends upon size, restoration, renovation and upgradation of a heritage home.

3. Do I need special requirements to get the renovation work done?

Things vary from person to person as some would like to give a traditional look to the place while some would prefer to add architectural beauty like that of Italian, Portuguese and more. So, these things completely depend upon you and the hiring of an experienced professional architect is the best thing to find out about the requirements.

4. Where will I get the material for renovating a heritage home?

Firstly, you have to select the concept that would give a new lease of life to the heritage home after which the list of required material can be made. Remember that the vintage home décor items are expensive in comparison to the regular ones and the raw material for this property can be bought from some old shops that offer such material. The material used in the construction of these age-old properties are different from that of today’s time such as asbestos flooring, terracotta bricks, mosaic tiles and more.

5. What is the difference between renovating a heritage home and a regular residential property?

The major difference between renovating these structures is the concept and material involved as the architectural design and size also has to be considered while carrying out the renovation work.

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