Haryana Govt Direct Developers to Submit EWS Inventory to Housing Board
Img : hindustantimes

According to an official, the Manohar Lal Khatter-led Haryana Government has directed all developers to submit their inventory for EWS [Economically Backward Section] units to the state’s Housing board. This transfer of inventory will prove beneficial to make the allocation of these housing units transparent and fair under the PMAY [Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna] Scheme.

Earlier, draw allotment method used to be carried out by the developers in the presence of Government officials to allot the same. But now this allotment procedure will be completed by the housing board and the board itself will allot units according to the list of applicants under the same PMAY Scheme.

Unlike earlier, now the person is required to be the resident of that particular district and shall come under the Non-taxable income slab. Also, the person should not be the owner of more than one property on his/her name in the city is only eligible to apply for a residential unit under the EWS category.

Mahendra, the city project officer of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon said that earlier the chance of fraudulent allotment was high as many people used to get false affidavits that make them eligible for a residential unit under EWS. But now with the applications linked with Aadhaar and allotment process carried out by the housing board has left no space for such unlawful activity.

MCG, the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon invited applications under the PMAY last year and received more than 37,000 applications from citizens from all over the city. After which 21,000 applicants were found eligible as beneficiaries under the scheme.