Affordable Housing

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The department of town and country planning [DTCP] has issued licenses to develop 19 new affordable housing projects all of which are supposed to be launched in Gurugram area soon. The department took this decision while considering the rise in demand for affordable housing.

In January2018 the DTCP department invited applications for affordable housing in reply to which they received 69 applications. The applications were invited after making necessary changes in Affordable Housing Policy 2013 that added expansion of 300 acres in Gurugram district to 1,935 acres. In this tenure, around 5,000 dwelling units were sanctioned to be constructed under the affordable category in Gurugram.

The Department of Town and Country Planning has given approval to 19 such applications and also rejected five applications due to some flaws and the remaining 45 are under process.

Pradeep Aggarwal, chairman of National Council on Affordable Housing, was quoted saying that a maximum percentage of residents in Gurugram and NCR region belongs to the salaried class and thus the demand for affordable housing has increased by manifolds. He also said that 47% out of the 26,000 new units that were launched in NCR [National Capital Region] in 2018 were from the affordable housing segment.

One of the developers said that affordable housing has seen a growth of 22% in 2018 and this sector in the real estate market is going to witness huge change in the coming decade.

While keeping the earlier sanction in mind, DTCP issued licenses to the affordable housing societies that cover 300 acres. Nearly 46,000 dwelling units are already being constructed in the sectors adjoining Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) which is also known as Dwarka Expressway and Southern Peripheral Road (SPR).

According to the development plan, the Gurugram district spread over three plans that include one each for Gurugram, Sohna and Gwalpahari. The department has made amendments to these as following:

The Gurugram-Manesar Development Plan will now secure 1,650 acres for the affordable housing sector, the Gwalpahari will reserve 15 acres and Sohna will secure 270 acres for the development of housing units under the affordable housing sector.

According to this, the sectors from 1-115 in Gurugram are likely to have nearly 2.97 lakh housing units of dwelling units under affordable housing. Similarly, more than 48,000 in Sohna and 2,700 are planned in Gwalpahari.