hanging garden ideas
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Hanging garden ideas are always a hit with homeowners who have a great sense of aesthetics. Hanging garden decor is one of the best ways to decorate your home if you love plants and vibrant flowers in your living room, balcony, or patio. You can also save much of the floor space if you try a balcony hanging garden with plants and flower pots strategically. 

Today, you have many opportunities to create a hanging wall garden right in your home. It will make your abode stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood. Here are five creative hanging garden ideas to beautify your home: 

1. Hang Creepers And Leafy Plants From Unused Clothing Rods

There are ways of repurposing your unused clothing racks or rods, a fun DIY  hanging garden décor project, and easy on your budget. Create a balcony hanging garden with old hanging rods, especially in apartments and dorms, where you cannot make a hole on the walls. Some apartments do not even allow holes in the balcony ceiling, so this is one of the best hanging garden ideas. 

You can use a macramé holder or S-hooks to display hanging garden plants to show your passion for plants and gardening. If you are wondering what kind of balcony hanging garden to design, the choices are endless. You can hang creepers, plants with colorful leaves, green and red, hanging garden with plastic bottles and even colorful flowers to create a mini oasis right on your balcony. Show your houseplants in style and impress your neighbors. 

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2. Design A Hanging Wall Garden 

hanging garden ideas
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Yes, you can design your hanging wall garden with lively wall art. You will find wall-mounted planters that are easy to use for making a hanging garden at home. You will find them in most of the home décor stores as well as nurseries. You may even make your planters if you know how to use old containers, mounts. 

Though most modern planters sold in stores are watertight, it is wise to remove the items from the wall while you water the plants. It will ensure zero water leakage via these planters and damage your room walls. Whichever hanging garden ideas you try, make sure you are prepared well to protect the walls. 

If you are worried about the price of planters, fret not. These days, you will get these items at pocket-friendly prices. You can try and make a hanging garden with plastic bottles. Then, if you have the budget, you can choose decorative planters that will cost you a little more but will be the best for hanging garden decor

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3. Decorate With Mounted Plants

hanging garden ideas
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You can try this idea if you want to display some staghorn ferns. You can try this technique with any hanging garden plants or trailing. You might be what type of plants to choose for this purpose. Well, you can consider ferns, philodendrons, as well as pothos, to name a few. 

When it comes to hanging garden plants such as the ones mentioned above, people usually use wire mesh to hold the plant roots in their place on the wood board you use together with some moss and dirt to ensure all things are contained. When it is time to water the plants, you need to remove the wood board from the wall and spray water to keep the root ball moistened. 

You can use this garden idea in your living room. The next time you invite your guests for tea, they will appreciate your sense of aesthetics. 

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4. Design Living Curtains 

hanging garden ideas
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You might be wondering what a living curtain is, after all. Well, let us explain. If you have a sunny and bright window in your house, why not titivate with live plants. You can design a hanging garden with plastic bottles, bowls, or any other containers to give your window a unique look and feel. 

This decoration idea makes your room look beautiful with a hanging garden with plastic bottles and saves money on window dressings. Just ensure that you choose beautiful bottles and curtain rods that are durable enough to sustain the weight of the plants. 

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5. Adorn With Plant Wall Trays

These succulent wall trays are a fun and simple way to create a beautiful hanging garden at home requiring little maintenance. These are great décor items for any home interior. You can even use these plant wall trays on the exterior wall to create a hanging garden at home

All you need for this hanging garden ideas is a shallow box, soil, moss, wire meshing, and of course, the plant, especially succulents. 


Now that you have these hanging garden ideas, tips, and tricks, what are you waiting for, huh? Try these ideas, and you will find the results surprising!