Gurugram property owners to get rebate in property tax
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Good news for Gurugram residents! In a recent development, Municipal Corporation of Gurugram announced that property owners who pay their property tax before July 31 will get a rebate of 10 percent.

According to commissioner, Yashpal Yadav, the property tax notice-cum-bill of the current financial year, 2018-19 has been uploaded on the website. He further said, “More information related to property tax is available on the website and with the concerned Regional Taxation Officers of respective zone.”

A press release has also been released after the meeting in which the payment method for the property tax has been given.  Citizens can either pay their property tax online or through Citizen Facilitation Centres located in the office of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram.

For better understanding let’s understand the complete procedure of calculating property tax in Gurugram:

A Property tax or a house tax is a local tax which is levied by municipal authorities for maintaining basic civic amenities in your area. This tax is to be paid to keep of civic facilities like roads, sewage system, and lighting.

How to calculate your property tax?

In Gurugram, calculation of property tax is based on two factors- area and use of the property may be residential, commercial and non-commercial. However, this amount varies for an acquired residential property and vacant residential property. For example, if your house area is up to 300 sq yards then you have to pay Rs 1 per sq yard. Similarly, for property area between 301 to 500 sq yards, 501 to 1,000 sq yards, 1,001 sq yards to 2 acres and more than that one has to pay Rs 4, 6, 7 and 10 per sq yards respectively.

On the other hand, for a vacant residential property, property tax is exempted to 100 sq yards area. Above that one has to pay Rs 0.5 and 1 per sq yards for land area 101-500 yards and more than 501 yards respectively.