Gujarat Housing Board
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Ahmedabad’s various residential and commercial projects get into a legal battle including both the property owners and the developers when it comes to redevelopment of the same. Thus, the Gujarat Government is planning to come up with a redevelopment policy modeled on the same that the neighboring state Maharashtra has formed.

Currently, the Vijay Rupani-led Gujarat Government allows the redevelopment of the private societies and also has a provision of the existing Gujarat Ownership Flats Act, 1973 along with the general development control regulations (GDCR) that require 100% consent of the society members.

According to a senior official of the development department, under the new redevelopment policy, the consent requirement of 100% is likely to get cut down to 60-70% of the members mean that unlike the current scenario any property for redevelopment will require the nod of ¾ number of members. The department is currently working on this clause and it will take to finalize the ratio of consent.

The motive to plan a new redevelopment policy is to offer more highrise and densification of housing units near to upcoming metro, BRTS corridors and affordable housing zones across different cities of Gujarat state. According to a senior urban development official, the metro and SRT corridors will offer smooth connectivity to various places and thus this smart transportation system will be an additional incentive to the highrise properties and will keep the cities in a compact shape.

Earlier it was planned to bring housing societies built by Gujarat Housing Board (GHB) under the current redevelopment plan but nothing much happened on that front.

Jitu Shah, the President of urban redevelopment housing society welfare association, said that a rebate under GST and Stamp duty should be offered to the owners as the redevelopment work can cause huge invest in the absence of these exemptions making redevelopment a non-viable thing.

Shah is also the first few members to undertake a redevelopment project of Masuri residential complex in Ahmedabad’s Usmanpura area in 2012.