Dedicated Parking Space Gujrat
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The BJP-led Gujarat Government directed all Municipal Corporations and Urban Development authorities in the state to include dedicated parking space in all upcoming town planning schemes. This move has been taken to resolve the vehicle parking issues which is increasing day by day in accordance with the urban population. The State Government also focused on providing dedicated parking space near public places so that people are not hindered to park vehicles particularly on the roadside which create chaos and disrupts the traffic movement.

RC Faldu, the State transport minister said, the council of ministers had a meeting with the officials of all municipal corporations, urban authorities, urban development department, roads and buildings department and other concerned department and have ordered them to design dedicated parking arenas in all town planning schemes particularly for the commercial plots. The minister further said that the Government emphasis on basement parking in several commercial building as per the availability of space.

The minister also said that the State Government directed the municipal corporations to disapprove the building plans without parking facilities.

While taking a note of road accidents, the Gujarat Government’s transport minister said that they have directed the authorities to identify black spots on roads and the procedure to remove these spots will commence soon. He further added that this is the primary reason for accident occurrence and thus work on the same issue will minimize the accident cases.

The recently formed Road Safety Authority will begin hiring in order to make the body operational and the move to ensure road safety will be implemented in a phased manner.