green homes
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In order to make an impact on the environment as well as creating healthy living surroundings for the people, architects and leading developers in Hyderabad collaborated to develop more green homes across the whole city. The move is a part to combat increasing pollution problem in IT city and to aware people about the importance of resource-efficient way of living.

In Hyderabad, the movement has gathered pace after Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has set up the first platinum-rated green building, CII in the IT hub in 2003. Presently, IGBC has certified over 500 green building projects in Hyderabad and it is said that this number will double-up in the coming years.

According to an architect, “By adopting greener practices, we can take maximum advantage of environmental and economic performance to create a sustainable tomorrow. This growth has become possible with the participation of all stakeholders in the green building movement.”

As per a recent survey, it has been seen that the demand for affordable homes increased more in present time as one can buy it in the range of Rs 20-30 lakh. So in collaboration with the housing sector, IGBC is stressing on green affordable homes thereby encouraging architects to focus on designing green buildings.

According to a scientist at IGBC, “To address this growing industry and government interest, housing companies are in the process of evolving norms for affordable homes and a specific rating system. In days to come, most architects, builders and developers plan to rebuild homes and make certain green changes to every home and ensure that they can create a sustainable lifestyle.”

In a way, Hyderabad is gearing up to cut down on energy usage, save money, and make a big impact on the environment.