Greater Noida Authority
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GNIDA i.e. the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority is planning to draw the Master Plan 2041 and this will include 180 notified villages from Dadri. This proposal is likely to be tabled before the NCR board and the Uttar Pradesh state government in the next round of development.

Also, the Greater Noida authority will acquire these villages under the Land Pooling Policy as it has the plan to develop these areas. Presently, GNIDA has notified 124 villages under Master Plan 2021.

If sources are to be believed then, the Greater Noida authority is likely to talk about MP 2041 in the next scheduled board meeting. The villages will be taking under the belt after the Uttar Pradesh state government sanctions the Master Plan 2041.

Narendra Bhooshan, CEO, GNIDA said that due to the change in NCR guidelines we have stalled the preparations for Master Plan 2041.

The Master Plan 2041 is likely to resolve the issue of land shortage and it will also be a great source of revenue generation. According to the sources, the Greater Noida authority has a debt of thousands of crores.

CEO Bhushan also said that we are receiving queries on investments from multiple industries like IT sector. All these queries can be answered once MP 2041 comes into existence.

In December last year, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority introduced a one-time resettlement scheme for the land allottees who earlier failed to clear dues.

AS per the rules of this scheme, the defaulters are required to apply for the scheme a fresh to clear dues with simple interest and not with the premium default interest.

The authority said that some people have been allotted plots prior to the financial year 2012-13 and are declared as defaulters as they failed to pay the installments for the same.