DGPS for Mapping Properties in Chennai
Img : gispeople

Tamil Nadu state took a step towards digitization as its capital city Chennai plan to use technology for mapping properties in the city. The Greater Chennai Corporation is soon going to bring DGPS [Differential Global Positing System] equipment into use as it will ease the process of mapping properties within the vicinity of the corporation. For the smooth functioning of a system, the corporation will set up a base station on the top floor of Amma Maligai which is located at the Ripon Buildings. The DGPS is said to be beneficial for mapping of new properties particularly.

The Greater Chennai Corporation has sought a loan of Rs. 20 crores from the World Bank to purchase 30 DGPS devices out of which each zone will have two of them. This is the first of its kind purchase by any civic body in the country.

DGPS is an improved version of GPS i.e. Global Positioning System and has the ability to provide accurate location up to 10 cm. The Differential Global Positing System uses a ground-based reference system for which a rover, similar to a transmitter is installed on all four corners of the property to fetch the exact measurement details. The predefined measurement parameters in an application that helps in fetching of the property sizes. The rover sends signals to the base station which will be linked with satellites in order to communicate with the Survey of India. The DGPS has been tested on the corporation building and a team of consultants, corporation engineers and staff will work at the base station.

This system is beneficial for the administration as the Government can track the construction process of several buildings, can minimize corruption, ensure accurate data and can save time also. The Greater Chennai Corporation has already earned revenue of Rs 12 crore within two months of using new GIS mapping system which helps the administration find various shops and commercial establishments who didn’t turn up to renew their trade license and also didn’t made payment of their professional tax.

Earlier in 2016, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation successfully implemented satellite mapping for property in the city to make property owners pay tax on time. After which the Pune Municipal Corporation also implemented GIS mapping and had a survey of over 8 lakh registered properties in the city.