Land Acquisition
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The BJP-led Goa Government has drafted rules under the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition Act. It took five years for the Government of this Union Territory to frame the law.

These rules were kept under the public domain to make way for SIA i.e. Social Impact Assessment that has to be conducted every time a giant part of land parcel is acquired to set up a government project.

The draft rules were kept under public domain for 15 days and this clearly mentioned that compensation will be paid to the landowner. The amount will be decided according to the market value of the land and its distance from the urban area. The Government has to pay more than one and a half times greater money of the market value as compensation of the acquired land id the same falls within 5 km to 20 km from an urban area.

According to the law, the Goa Government has to finalize the procedure of assessing the social impact of a project while receiving consent letters with due signatures from the landowners whose land has been acquired for the Government projects.

All this has to happen within six months’ time.

According to the draft rules, the Social Impact Assessment study would be conducted after consulting with the concerned village panchayat, municipality or the Municipal Corporation. This will be followed by a public hearing within the vicinity of the land that is said to be acquired.

From the date of commencement of the study, the SIA report and the plan has to be submitted in six months’ time.

The social activists and academicians will also have a greater say in the decision making process under the draft rules. The Independent practitioners, social activists, academicians, technical experts including one woman are supposed to be in the team that will conduct the Social Impact Assessment [SIA].

Sudin Natu, Under Secretary Revenue said that while selecting the Social Impact Assessment team, it should be seen that there is no conflict of interest in the team members that are selected to assess the concerned project.

The local district collector has to be responsible to take consent from the families that will be affected by the project whose land will be acquired for public-private partnership projects.

As per the draft rules, the official will conduct a survey and undertake the consent of the affected families within 60 days or two months. The district collector is assigned to calculate the compensation amount that has to be paid to the land owner.