Go green by planting vertical garden in your home
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As the level of pollution is increasing day by day, more and more people are realizing the importance of greenery. The main reason for this alarming pollution level is the concrete landscapes which are shrinking urban homes. If we go in the past, in order to keep indoor air clean, people plant more and more plants and trees in their gardens, but today it has become a tough task.

However, in recent times, a great alternative to this problem which was opted by people is Vertical gardening.

Now what is vertical gardening and how it can help in cleaning the indoor air as well giving your home a green touch, let’s understand this in more details:

What is vertical gardening?

As the name implies-Vertical gardening is an innovative and productive growing system on a vertical surface of the wall. Traditionally, gardeners use climbing plants like squashes and beans by building fences. But in, Vertical gardening non-climbing plants are given a space on the wall.

Go green by planting vertical garden in your home
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Vertical Gardening can be done in both Indoors as well as Outdoors. The most important part is that they take up less space, are easier to harvest, and easier to maintain.

Important tips while setting up a vertical garden

  • A sunny space.
  • Don’t make them taller than you can reach otherwise they will be difficult to maintain.
  • As they are supported by a steel structure so it’s important that the support system must be strong enough to handle the weight of everything.
  • Wall must be able to withstand a lot of moisture. You can use polyethylene layer to create a moisture barrier between the garden and the wall.

Different designs of Vertical Gardens

One can choose from different styles and patterns available in the market. Apart from this, you can also design as per your space requirements in order to give it a more unique and attractive look. Some of them are listed below:

Stacked Crates: Create a vertical planter pyramid! Keep the structure from becoming too dangerous by reinforcing the stacked crates with wooden planks.

Stacked Crates Garden
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Copper Pipe Hanging Planter: Use a copper wire and hang different colored strings with it to give it a beautiful look.

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter
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Letters and characters: Want to do add some creativity to your garden. Use letters or characters and display succulents on them.

Letters Vertical Garden
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Indoor Hanging Herb Garden: If you want to grow herbs in your vertical garden, then you can use your kitchen window for this. Hang different species of herbs through wooden rods and curtains rings.

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
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Re-cycle your dresser: Rather than throwing out your old dresser, place it outside and fill it with soil. Stagger how far the drawers are pulled out to create a flowing waterfall-like effect.

Re-cycle your dresser
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Mason jar planter: DIY this vertical garden with the use of Mason jars easily available in the market near you. They can be designed in many ways as per your own requirement. Suspend it from wooden squares attached to two hanging metal cubes and plant small plants.

Mason jar planter
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What to grow in your vertical garden

Once your structure is ready, you can now decide on what to plant in these gardens. Always place your vertical garden at a location which is full sun exposure. For indoors, use plants that grow in shade; for outdoors, use sun-loving varieties; for balconies, go for semi-shade plants. Take a look at some of the vertical garden plants:

Sword Fern: They grow well in humid conditions and are very easy to take care of.

Ribbon grass: They can be grown on any surface as they spread easily and don’t need too much of care.

vertical garden

Wedding Vine: They have large white flowers and give a great fragrance to your vertical garden.

Begonia: They are known for brilliantly coloured flowers and its fancy foliage.

Peace Lilies: They don’t require much care and hence are easy to maintain even in low light or low humidity.

Apart from them, Song of India, Purple Heart, Croton, Spider plant, Asparagus can also be used in Vertical gardens.