Greater Noida Authority
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The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority [GNIDA] recently launched a one-time resettlement scheme for land allottees who earlier failed to clear dues.

According to the rules of this scheme, the defaulters are required to apply for the scheme a fresh to clear dues with simple interest and not with the premium default interest.

The authority said that some people have been allotted plots prior to the financial year 2012-13 and are declared as defaulters as they failed to pay the installments for the same.

According to an official, there is a provision for paying the premium interest rate for the defaulter allottees who have failed to make the payment. Also, there is a provision stating that an allottee can pay the penalty for delay in the land lease deed in case the property registration is not carried out in the set deadline.

According to the new resettlement scheme, the defaulters have the option to fill the application form along with a processing fee of Rs. 2,000 by March 31, 2019. Also, they will only be charged for simple interest and not for the premium default fine.

This option is available for the allottees whose property is clear from all kinds of disputes and is non-subjective to any judicial matter. K K Gupta, ACEO at GNIDA, was quoted saying that this move has already received go ahead in the GNIDA’s board meeting that was held recently. `

For more information, the applicants can visit the GNIDA website as forms and all other information is uploaded on the portal.