Glass Rooftops
Img : decoist

With the change in the construction technology and the interior world, these days the use of glass is gaining momentum at a faster pace. Whether using it in designing gates or glazed windows, a glass product adds aesthetic appeal to every place where it is placed. Among all the products, a glass rooftop is gaining huge popularity among home designers as buyers. Available in several colours and different designs, a glass rooftop is not only energy efficient but also allows natural light to illuminate every corner of your house.

However, installing a glass rooftop comes with both pros and cons. Take a look:

Benefits of Installing a Glass Rooftop

Energy Saving

A glass is considered as an energy saving material as compared to traditional construction materials. It not only saves light in the summers but also stops noise coming inside the house. According to experts, it’s better to install a glass sheet that provides effective insulation against hot and cold weather as well as sound. Also, installing a laminated safety glass will further help in saving an extra amount in your electricity bill.

Lower Noise Level

A glad or conservatory glass roof helps in reducing the outside noise coming into your home. It not only gives you a sound sleep but also a peace of mind.

Illuminating the Home

A glass rooftop also helps in illuminating your house with natural sunlight. It brightens up the home interiors as well as every corner of your house. A transparent glass roof also acts as the best artificial source of light thereby maintaining a healthy ecosystem at home.

Increasing the Property Cost

Although, installing a glass rooftop is more costly as compared to bricks and mortar, but when installed it adds glamour to the overall look of the house. Due to this, the value of the property also increases that in turn offers good ROI to the owner. In order to save money, you can also install glazed roofs in some parts of the home like the kitchen or drawing room.

Disadvantages of Installing a Glass Rooftop

A glass rooftop comes with many advantages but proper research is necessary before installing it in the home. If not installed properly, it may lead to leakage of water during rain or dust during hot weather. Also, with glass comes a lot of maintenance too. You have to clean the rooftops biweekly or weekly to avoid leakage problems.

However, leaving some of the disadvantages, a glass rooftop offers multiple benefits to the home buyers.