Give a Perfect tone to your Living Room with these Designer Rugs
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Rugs are one such home décor item that stays around forever. They one of the earliest soft furnishings which is used for decorating homes. With time a lot has been changed in their designing and style, but their importance in decorating your living space is still the same.

A rug brings comfort and statement to your space. Whether they are flat woven, round or square, rugs are the perfect way to show your personal style and treat your feet to some softness.  They can be used for seating purpose as well as giving a unique touch to your lounge space.  So, whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or entryway, we have compiled a list of rugs which will work best for you.

Traditional Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are the timeless pieces that protect your floors, while also adding a touch of delicate enhancement to your interior decor. Trends come and go but these rugs quality and designs remain an all-time favourite. These hand knitted rugs fill your home with the shine of silk and happiness. Silk rugs have a luxuriously soft texture which has a magical effect when used as decorative accents.

Traditional Silk Rugs
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Persian Rugs

Another kind of traditional rugs which came all the way from Persian land, for centuries, without losing their core features. These types of rugs are specially designed to give your home a royal traditional look. Designs are weaved using shiny wool and which in turn brighten your home with the beauty of it.

Persian Rugs
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Moroccan Rugs

As the name suggests, these rugs are originated from Morocco and are one of the oldest types of rug found till date. According to the rug makers in Morocco, the quality or a rug depends on the quality of wool and the quality of wool depends on the breed of sheep. That’s why Moroccan Rug is popular among interior designers.

Moroccan Rugs
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Dhurries Rugs

In traditional homes, people use Dhurries for seating purpose. But with changing interior trends, dhurries have been given modern touch to suit them for modern homes. They are easy to carry, wash and more durable than other rug types. They are made up of wool, jute, cotton, and silk and come at a very low cost.

Dhurries Rugs
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Modern Rugs

With new trends in home decor, modern rugs complement best with the modern day living. A modern rug is an essential accent piece for any living room, bedroom or dining room. These rugs come in various shapes like oval, square, rectangular and themes like geometrical, abstract etc.  Ranging from Floral, shaggy, overdyed to vintage you can decorate your living space with different designer ideas.

Floral Rugs: Add a floral touch to your lounge space by using floral rugs which come in various shapes and designs. They come in bold colours and patterns that brighten up your any room where they are placed.

Floral Rugs
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Shaggy Rugs: Decorating a room with a shaggy rug is the best and the easiest way to create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Its texture is beautifully soft and therefore also perfectly suitable for kid’s room.

Shaggy Rugs
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Overdyed Rugs: The overdyed rugs are generally used to give modern look to your home. The trend of use of these rugs is continuously increasing in western countries.

overdyed rugs
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Vintage Rugs: One of the most trending rugs these days, they are conquering more and more home décor interiors. They are timeless and made up of easy-care synthetic fibers which make them most suitable for Kitchen.

vintage rugs
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