Ghaziabad Authority
Img : hindustantimes

GDA i.e. the Ghaziabad Development Authority is planning to regularize 321 colonies in the city which are identified as illegal by the authority. The Ghaziabad Development Authority also plans to increase the width of roads, induction of parks and few points in the building structures.

According to the sources, Kanchan Verma, the Vice-Chairperson of Ghaziabad Development Authority gave nod on the decision to relax the norms in a meeting that held recently. The Vice-Chairperson also directed officials to begin identification of colonies in each zone at a time and also conduct a survey to find rules that can offer more relaxation.

The decision to regularize 321 colonies came as Asha Sharma, the Ghaziabad Mayor wrote about regularizing of these colonies to the Ghaziabad Development Authority where lakhs of people are residing. Apart from this, the Mayor also said also suggested that GDA i.e. Ghaziabad Development Authority should also charge builders for the cost of providing basic amenities like water, sewer and roads in these colonies.

Asha Sharma, the Mayor, further said that lakhs of people are residing in these colonies and are living in fear of demolition drive which the Ghaziabad Development Authority is carrying out with several other Government agencies.

According to the sources, the Ghaziabad Development Authority has demolished several illegal structures in the city after a couple of buildings collapsed in Shahberi Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. Although, the authority stopped the demolition drive after finding many people uncomfortable due to this process.

VK Singh, an officer on special duty at GDA stated that out of the 321 illegal colonies identified in the city, 150 falls under zone 8 and 74 in zone 2. He also said that the officials are directed to select a minimum of one illegal colony in each zone and have to attempt their regularization after conducting a survey. The officials are required to examine if the colonies conform to the relaxation norms.

According to the officials of Ghaziabad Development Authority, the demolition drive was going on but the sudden decision to regularize illegal colonies put a brake on it. An official said that in this month we have demolished 56 illegal structures till now 164 illegal structures have been bought down in the city.