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North Facing Home Vastu: It is said that home is a feeling, not a place. Thus, it is essential to look for a Vastu-compliant home to maintain this positive feeling. If you have not considered direction before buying any property, you need not worry. Here are some Vastu tips for north facing home plan:

About North Direction

Lord Kubera – the God of Wealth rules this direction, and thus the businessmen mainly prefer buying a north face home design. The abundance of money and wealth in this direction are the main elements. The properties facing towards the North direction have a better selling ratio compared to other directions. You must carefully design the living room, kitchen, garden, and washroom area of the home when buying a home facing the North direction.

Things to Do After Buying North-Facing Home:

For north-facing home Vastu, you must leave open space in North and East directions during the construction work. The homeowners of a north face home design must correct the Vastu error in this property by using a Vastu pyramid strip to fill in the wide-open space in the South and West direction. The extra empty space in these directions is likely to create life problems.

1. Get the pillar removed from the North-East direction and try not to design any arches on the door or window to bring in the negative vibes.

2. For the Vastu home design for north-facing properties, design windows, particularly in the North or East direction of a home, as these sides welcome a stride of positive energy 24×7.

3. For the Vastu Shastra home plan for north-facing properties, get an open terrace or garden designed in the North direction, extending in the Southern direction.

4. Maintain the roof slope in the North or East for the north-facing home Vastu. Also, the use of pyramid arrows, particularly in the opposite water slope, is best suited for correction in Vastu dosha.

5. You should also not place a septic tank in the North-East, South-East, or South-West direction of a north face home plan.

6. A North-facing home design should not have a T-junction view from any side/corner. This is because the T-junction is believed to bring tough and troubled times for the owner and other family members. In case a T-junction defect is encountered, then rectify the issue using copper pyramid divider, sriprani wooden pyramid, and Vastu bricks.

Ensure that a washroom, staircase, wall, pillar, and kitchen are not structured in the middle of a home to maintain the north-facing home Vastu. Ensure that your home’s waste management system is dedicatedly-designed in the North-West direction.

Vastu Dosh That Erupt in North Facing Home Vastu Plan: 

Eight Vastu-dosha types are enough to land you in deep trouble. So, you must check and reconstruct soon to maintain the north-facing home Vastu:

· A kitchen structured in the North Zone

· A Washroom structured in the North Zone

· A misplaced corner at North direction

· A pole/tree located in the North direction

· A heightened-flooring in the north direction

· A heightened-roof in the North direction in comparison to the South

· A Storeroom structured in the North direction

· Placing of an Overhead tank in the North direction

· A Septic tank in the North direction

Remedies for a north-facing home plan as per Vastu:

  1. Make use of Vastu copper strips around the septic tank placed in the North direction to minimize negative energies.
  2. Make use of Labradorite crystal and Vastu shift arrows in the kitchen arena to combat issues related to the financial condition.
  3. Solve the finance-related problems by hanging artwork of an endless road in the North direction. Make sure to place golden pyramids chips behind the painting.
  4. Fix up the Vastu dosh of a structured washroom in the North direction by adding Vastu copper strips on both bathroom and toilet door-frame.
  5. Fix the slope in the South direction by installing a 3-brass helix near the North zone.
  6. If the Overhead water tank is placed in the north direction, rectify this Vastu dosha using a copper pyramid shifting arrow above the tank.
  7. A Vastu copper swastika will protect you from the evil spirit if the pole/tree is located in the North direction of a home.
  8. Installation of brass shankha filled with water inside a storeroom designed in the North direction is best to restrict the entry of negative vibes inside a residential property.

These were Vastu Shastra’s home plan tips for a north-facing home. You can adopt all the above home Vastu tips to fill your north-facing home with positive energy and good vibes.