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GDA i.e. the Ghaziabad Development Authority plans to cancel the building plans of all group housing societies and individual plots that violate the compulsory tree plantation guidelines.

According to the building bylaws, the plot owner has to carry out the mandatory tree plantation according to the plot size and population. The Ghaziabad Development Authority will offer completion certificate only after assessing if all the rules of tree plantation are followed or not. However, none of the housing societies have followed the plantation guidelines.

Kanchan Verma, vice-chairperson, GDA said that tree plantation law is mandatory to follow and the authority has found that a large number of owners with individual plots, group housing societies, institutional and industrial units are not complying with the law and thus we are planning to cancel their building plans. Also, the authority will conduct inspection soon to check violation of plantation law.

As per the building bylaws a plot measuring upto 200 sq.m. must have two trees at 10 meters.

Verma also said that in case of housing societies, occupancy size will determine the number of trees to be planted. She also informed that the law states 40 trees per 100 people.

She further said that notice will be sent to the Societies for violating plantation rules and their building plans will be cancelled if they fail to initiate action on the same.

Earlier in April this year, the Ghaziabad Development Authority decided to increase the compounding fee on all properties including residential, official and commercial. The revised rates will come into effect from 1st April 2019.

The new rates are accumulated on the basis of cost index officials informed.

The compounding fee is the amount paid by a person to the development authority for constructing additional space that is not a part of the originally sanctioned plan.