Ghaziabad Authority
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GDA i.e. the Ghaziabad Development Authority has decided to hike the compounding fee on all properties including residential, official and commercial constructions that fall under its jurisdiction. This decision is said to be implemented from the current fiscal and thus the new rates will come into effect from 1st April 2019.

The officials at the Ghaziabad Development Authority informed that the increase is calculated on the basis of cost index.

The compounding fee is the amount that a person pays to the development authority for carrying out additional construction that is not a part of the originally sanctioned plan.

Ishtiaq Ahmed, the chief architect and town planner at the GDA said that the calculation of the increased fee is done on the basis of cost index and the same is revised annually. He further informed that the revised rates will be effective from 1st April 2019.

The chief architect also informed that in the residential category, the fee for any area ranging between 100sqm and 1,999sqm is increased by Rs. 1/sqm. Similarly for an area upto100sqm the same has been increased to Rs. 21sqm which was Rs.20/sqm in the last financial year.

Following this, the fee is increased from Rs. 29/sqm to Rs. 30/sqm and Rs. 39/sqm to Rs. 40/sqm respectively for the areas that range between 300-499 sqm and 500-1,999 sqm categories, the chief architect informed.

Also, the construction fee is revised from Rs.47/sqm to Rs.48.50/sqm for the area that falls in 2,000 sqm and above, Ahmed informed.

Apart from the residential, the compounding fee for the commercial and the official categories has also been revised and the rates for the same are hiked by one and 1.5 times respectively.

For the Ghaziabad Development Authority, the compounding fee is one of the major sources of revenue and according to the rules of State Government any construction falling under 10% of the sanctioned area can be regularised after submitting the fee.

However, above 10 percent nothing is said to be legal or valid.