Fly Ash Brick
Img : flyashbricksplant

Are you opting for Red bricks to construct a home? Or thinking about how wise it will be to use Fly Ash bricks to develop a structure? Well, the developers today are using the latest technology to create landmark structures and the Fly Ash Brick is helping them a lot.

Hence, you must also know what these bricks are all about.

  1. Concept of Fly Ash Brick

The grey-coloured Fly Ash bricks are made from burning coal. This idea was first tested by Dr. Bhanumathidas and Kalidas who also hold the patent of the same. These bricks come in two categories one is Class C and another is Class F.

  1. Features of Fly Ash Brick

These bricks are light in weight and their strength improves with the passage of time. Also, the uniform size of these bricks gives an impeccable structure that the red bricks hardly offer. The Fly Ash Bricks are environment-friendly as they are made from the burning of coal and also create a sound-proof environment.

The Fly Ash bricks are a self-cementing product and do not need soaking in water before use. Also, the production of these bricks is cost-efficient and thus the developers across the world and even in India are using Fly Ash bricks instead of the regular red bricks that not only creates pollution while the production process but also don’t have a uniform size as they gets damaged while transferring from one place to another.

The strong nature of the FlyAsh bricks make them earthquake resistant and also made them deal with any natural calamity like Hurricane and even fire. These bricks have high fire insulation and the uniform size of these bricks reduce the requirement of plaster by 50 percent.

The Gypsum plaster can also be done directly on the Fly Ash bricks without the need of lime plaster as the minimum water penetration restricts seepage of water and thus offer a fine finish to the structure.

The Fly Ash bricks blend finely with alkalis of cement and thus make a resistant structure. Also, the pozzolanic reaction between lime and fly ash produces less heat and restrict the change of thermal cracking.

  1. Conclusion

All these features make the Fly Ash bricks the best product to use for the construction purpose that too at a reduced cost.