Flowerbed Designs
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The bright colours are trending this summer season and thus you must opt for a different style of gardening. Here we mean to say, that think beyond the green colour when it comes to gardening these days. So, revamp the garden arena with beautiful looking yellow, orange, red and pink colour flowers in multiple styles and enjoy the nature at its best during this hot and dry season.

The rooting of multiple flowers together at one place is known as flowerbed and hence there are more than five types of flowerbed designs that offer an alluring look to the open area at your home. Hence, scroll down the page and know various ways to elevate the design of your garden.

  1. Pathway Garden

Make this entry into the garden look beautiful. The pathway garden covers the sideways of the door/entrance that connects the open area and home without taking any turn. Like you are required to walk straight from inside the home to step into the garden arena. The bright flowers contrast with the green leaves and offer a pleasant view during this summer season.

Pathway Garden
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  1. Flowerbed Against Stones

We suggest you plant multi-coloured flowers next to the stones installed in the garden area. The thin greens of these flowers offer a refreshing look to the open space of your home and also spread fragrance in the air.

Flowerbed Against Stones
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  1. Flowerbed in Rows

The best way to decorate the garden area is to plant flowers in rows. Plant one variety of flowers in a row and then plant a different variety of flower in the next row. Continue planting flowers in rows according to the space you have in the garden.

Flowerbed in Rows
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  1. Flowerbed near Flagpole

The flagpole is the best place to decorate with flowerbed in the garden area. Place the flowers according to the colour combination of your choice as the flagpole is usually painted with the white colour.

Flowerbed near Flagpole
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  1. Circular Flowerbed Design

Give your garden a new look by placing the flowerpots in a circular motion. Place the dark-coloured flowers in the innermost circle and then place light-coloured flowerpot in the next circular motion. Continue placing flowers in this open area in a ring pattern and offers a stylish look to the entire place.

Circular Flowerbed Design
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  1. Tall Flowerbed

Add some height to your garden by planting tall plants such as Butterfly bush, hollyhocks, Downy Sunflower and Camellia. These plants will offer a floor-kind ambiance to the entire open space at your home.

Tall Flowerbed
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  1. Slanted Flowerbed

Turn the edges of your garden area into a beautiful looking portion of the same by planting flowers in a slanting manner here. These flowers look amazing as the rays of sunlight make them dazzle during the daytime.

Slanted Flowerbed
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