Floor Cushions
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Flooring is definitely a thing that leaves a long-lasting impression on the people’s mind. Thus, you must keep the floor look marvelous. The cleanliness and regular polishing add shine to the entresol.

But, there is another trendy way to floor people with your home décor idea which not many people have tried around you.

So be the first one to elevate the home décor in your surrounding and set an example to make your abode a classy place to live in.

  1. Sleep Over Floor Cushion – 

This is a kind of floor cushion that acts as a bed too. Get a Sleep Over floor cushion for the bedroom and offer another exciting space to hang up in the room. This type of floor cushion is best when the guests or friends stay overnight at your place as it offers a comfortable space to enjoy.

Sleep Over Floor Cushion
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  1. Floor Pillows –

The floor pillows are bigger in shape and size as compared to floor cushion. But, these offer a comfortable sitting when you have too many guests with different interest to talk about. Add the floor pillows to your living room and turn your home into a Gupshup corner by inviting friends for a party. Remember to use contrasting color pillows covers to match the color of your furniture. This will offer a mix and match look to the room.

Floor Pillows
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  1. Kantha Cotton Floor Cushion – 

Kantha is a traditional type of embroidery that is widely carried out in the parts of Southeast Asia including some states of India such as West Bengal, Odisha and Assam. The Kantha cotton floor cushion looks beautiful and offers comfortable sitting. Add this floor cushion to your home décor item and make the place look alluring.

Kantha Cotton Floor Cushion
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  1. Customized Floor Cushion – 

Get a personalized floor cushion for your loved ones by imprinting something special about them. This will make the floor cushion look attractive and trendy at the same time. Also, you get the option to customize the shape of this floor cushion as per the choice.

Customized Floor Cushion
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  1. Cozy Reading Nooks – 

Make your reading space look different from the regular ones. Add a couple of floor cushions to this room and enjoy reading while sipping your cup of tea. Also, it offers great relaxation when you come back from a hectic day at work.

Cozy Reading Nooks
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  1. Ikea Floor Cushion – 

The Ikea floor cushion is a set of sitting arrangement that fills the space for sofa set in the living room. Remove the sofa from the living arena and create a contemporary-styled sitting arrangement at home with this type of floor cushions.

Ikea Floor Cushion
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  1. Beanbag Floor Cushion – 

Want to have a beanbag at home but the same beanbag at a friend’s place is making you feel the same pinch? Then wait and take a look at the beanbag floor cushion. This type of floor cushion is the ultimate substitute for the regular beanbag.

Beanbag Floor Cushion
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Try these funky yet stylish floor cushions at home and make your castle an opulent place to live-in.