perfect floor for your apartments
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Owning a home is no less than any achievement and thus you need to be double sure about the selection. So, apart from checking the locality, amenities, security and maintenance the one thing that you must think about is the floor. Yes, make sure to choose a perfect height to live in the apartment society of your choice.

To help you more with this, here are the points to consider.

Features of Top floor:

Privacy – The best things about owning a top floor is complete privacy. Being the highest of all, you can enjoy a noise-less and a pollution-free environment to live in. Also, the top floor homes offer you relaxation from dealing with pests, bugs and mosquitoes particularly. So, opt for the top floor housing unit in the apartment and enjoy zero disturbances.   

Breathtaking View – The top floor home offers a magnificent view of the city and thus you can enjoy both the beautiful sunrise and a calm sunset. Also, the residential unit located on the top floor of any apartment offers a spectacular view of the city and thus encourages you to focus on the aims whenever you feel low.

Good to Stay Healthy – We all know that sunlight and fresh air both are essential for a healthy life and thus the biggest advantage of owning a home on the top floor is the direct sunlight and pure air that not only keep you in a shape but also allows the flow of positivity and happiness inside the home.

Security – Another benefit of owning a home at the top floor is security. Being located on a high the chance of theft is low as probably no person would like to put his/her life in danger just for the sake of some cash, jewellery etc that particularly not guaranteed to be kept at home.

Enlighten Home – The availability of ample daylight in any home is like icing on the cake. Hence, those opting for a top floor get this advantage. In fact, a residential unit located on the top floor ensures lesser use of artificial lights and it reflects in the electricity bill.

Features of Lower floors:

Easy Accessibility – A home on the ground or low floors offers easy accessibility. You can walk up to the market, park or the road without waiting for the lift. Also, the climbing of a few stairs every day also proves beneficial for health.

Temperature Control – The housing units on the ground or the lower floors stay cooler in comparison to the top floor. The not so direct sunlight and hot waves throughout the day steal the coolness from the structure. So, you can think about owning a home at the ground or lower floor.

These being the pros of both the ground and top floor there are some amenities that should be considered like lifts for example. You have to be dependent on the lift every time to climb down from the top floor as walking down through stairs is simply not possible.

Similarly, in case of ground or any other low floor, the chance of security breach is higher as the noise of traffic movement, access to windows and door along with huge air pollution can turn things ugly for you.

Hence, you must consider all these points while finalizing the home buying deal.