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The change in season means new home décor and thus you must start decorating the living space right from the beginning that is the entrance alias the main door. This summer season follow the Feng Shui tips to offer a fresh look to the main door of your home. The Feng Shui tips are proved beneficial to maintain the flow of good energies all over the place. Thus here is a blog post to help you paint the entry door with a colour that suits your style, home décor and most importantly the direction as all these things impact one’s personal life.

Here is the list of colours you must use for the main doors this summer season:

  1. East Direction

The east direction denotes earthy elements and thus Feng Shui suggests you paint the entry alias main door with the shades of nature such as wooden, green or brown colour. These colours are best suitable for the entry door facing towards the east direction. In case, you don’t like any colour form the above shades then opt for colours related to water such as blue, aqua and sea green.

East Direction Door
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  1. South Direction

This direction is ruled by the fire element. Thus, you must opt for bright and vibrant colours to maintain the flow of good energies inside the living space through this direction. According to Feng Shui, you must paint the entry door with any shades of orange, yellow, pink or red.

South Direction
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  1. Southwest Direction

This direction denotes wealth and nourishing energies. Thus, paint the entry door located in this zone with yellow or sandy colours. According to Feng Shui, these colors absorb all positive vibes due to their lighter tones and hence the main door with these colour shades are best suitable for a happy home.

Southwest Direction.
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  1. Northeast Direction

The metallic colours rule this direction. Thus, you must choose the shades of White, Grey and Silver colours in order to maintain the continuous flow of positive energies at your home. The doors facing towards the Northeast direction are little bigger in size in comparison to other entry door and hence opt for the neutral shades to make the door look compact.

Northeast Direction
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  1. North Direction

This direction has a strong influence of water. Thus, you can choose any colour from blue, black and other metallic ones. The metal content is the main source of water generation thus you must opt for any of the above-mentioned colours for painting the main door located in the North direction.

North Direction
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  1. West Direction

This direction is home to active energies and keeps the spirits high all the time. So, paint your main door with white colour in case the entrance face towards the West direction.

West Direction
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  1. Northwest Direction

This direction holds the characteristics of both North and West directions. Thus, you must balance the flow of good energies passing into a home through the main door located in this direction. Feng Shui suggests you paint the main door with white colour as this neutral color is best known for balancing.

NorthWest Direction
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  1. Southeast Direction

This direction represents prosperity. Thus, you must paint the main door located in this direction with green or wooden colours as they fetch the maximum amount of positivity from the environment.

Brown Door
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