NRI Property Investment
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Despite the fluctuations in the real estate market, NRI’s are, fortunately, able to select and buy the best properties in India. This is due to the fact that Indian realty is complemented with many other factors that may poke the curious sides of the enthusiastic investors. Hence, they are giving their best to own one or more properties on their homeland.

If you too are looking forward to own a home, then have a look at these simplified tips to select the best properties in India.

Investment in Homeland

For many years, India has been the most preferred destination for investment in realty.  NRIs from different countries have been investing in their homeland for various reasons – emotional attachment, security, financial profit etc. The country has been witnessing a continuous growth in employment as well as real estate sectors. Hence, India has numerous opportunities for the NRIs to earn money by investing in their homeland taking advantage of the rights given to the Indian citizen.

Investment in the Right City

NRIs do not have permission to buy agricultural or plantation land, or even the farmhouses in India, but they are still free to purchase any number of properties in a residential or commercial sector. However, the selection of a property on the basis of location does matter. Metro cities in India are on hype for this reason and hence, investment in such cities will be fruitful.

Commercial Properties that are in High Demand

The commercial real estate has gained a special position in the marketing for investment purpose. If your purpose behind investing in real estate is to earn substantial current income and spendable cash then investing in office spaces will be the right decision. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru that are well-developed in terms of commercialization is most likely to give away around 205 million sq. ft. to the office spaces in the time to come. Since there are no limitations on the number for an NRI to buy commercial properties, this is the apt place to invest today in order to earn long-term benefit by leasing the property out.

Long-Term Returns on Investment

Real estate market seems to have no halt or slow-down. It includes the fact that the impact due to demonetization has also washed away and the rates of the property are seeing phenomenal hike now and so is the demands for property. Hence, it is clear that the real estate in India has whopping returns on the investments whether done by the residents or the NRIs.

Earning from Tenants

For one time one may find it difficult to rent out the office space but residential flats, villas or apartments are always in high demand. These units are easily purchasable. Due to the increased employment in the country, over a million of people from various places migrate to the metro cities in India giving the owners the opportunities to earn in form of rental income.

Affordable Projects

With an announcement of “Affordable Housing Scheme,” the NRIs have safe and secure reason to invest in real estate market in India. Besides, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, and Kolkata are also up with more than a thousand new projects for residential as well as commercial use. Clearly, there is a plethora of options for properties in India where you can invest your money. You can also invest in various under-construction properties to enjoy the benefit in the future.