Entrance of your Home
Source : blessedsacramentph

Are the important tasks that fall in your ambit of responsibility getting delayed by no means? Are you facing issues with spouse due to difference in opinion? Do you feel stuck at times in spite of working so hard at work? Well these are the indications that something somewhere is not right. Have you checked the main entrance door of your house? If not, do check it as there might be negative energy entering your house without you knowing about it.

The main entrance door is not just a door but the only main source of energy which may be either positive or negative. The kind of energy that enters your house through the main door affects your thinking, lifestyle and aura of the house. Let us find out how you can improve the energy moving inside your house through the main door of your house.

It should be well lit and decorated. You should never keep the entrance dark as it invites negative energy in the house. On the other side if you keep the entrance well lit it shoves away the negative energy. Moreover if you decorate it with various kinds of plants, swastik sign, show pieces and decorative danglers, it invites positive energy in the house.

It should be clutter free. The main door area, from inside as well as from outside should not face any kind of clutter. You should not place dustbin near your entrance door neither any kind of storage shelves like shoe racks or racks for unwanted items like spare newspapers, should be installed near the entrance of the house. This ensures there is no obstruction in the flow of positive energy as well as more of it is absorbed.

It should be larger than the rest of the doors of the house. The entrance door is the main door of your house and it should look like that.

It should be noise free. That is, the door should not make any screeching sound while you are opening or closing it. Peaceful entry and exit ensures peace in the house.

It should be sturdy and strong. The main door of your house should be free from cracks and not so fragile. Of course a strong entrance door ensures your safety at home but apart from safety it can affect the Vastu at your home. And the door not-so-good in shape can make you lose your respect and invite bad luck.

It should have a threshold. A tiny stair that helps to walk down in your home, while getting inside the door of your house, can help you ward of all kinds of negativities and ensures prosperity and peace.

It should be free from pillar or any kind of obstruction. While entering the door the space should be free to walk in freely. The door should not face any pillar or corner of the house.

It should not be installed in the centre of the wall. For instance, if the door is in North wall, it should be in the North-East part of the wall. If the door is in South, South-East part of the wall should be used.

Vastu for the main door of the house is not limited to the mentioned points. Use your wisdom and feel the vibes at your main door. If you think something needs to be changed or placed, just do it. Place some planters, colourful paintings and decorative pieces and feel the difference. It will bring smile on your face and definitely bring a feel-good factor inside your home too.