Vastu-Compliant Ceilings
Img : hashook

A home is incomplete without ceiling and thus you need to have a one at would only offer positive impact on life. In fact, the height of a ceiling matter the most as the space between the floor and roof balance the temperature and atmosphere. Thus, here in this blog post we have listed some key points to consider for having a vastu-compliant ceiling. So, go through the same and find out the ways to design a vastu-based ceiling.

  1. Height – So, the first this to consider for a vastu-compliant ceiling is its height. Usually, the ceiling should have 10-12 feet height but the apartment-style residences nowadays come short of it to have more floors. So, keep this point in mind every time you make a site visit.
  2. Slope – The Vastu Shastra tell you never ever opt for a home that has a slope ceiling as it creates mental illness and is also a reason for depression. So, avoid owning a home with such ceiling.
  3. Floor Ceiling – The ceiling height of a second floor should be less than the ceiling height of the ground floor as one quarter is better than one and a half quarter.
  4. Volume – According to Vastu Shastra, a higher ceiling at centre with lower corners is always a good option. So, consider this point before finalizing a home.
  5. Avoid Mirror – A mirror should never be used on the ceiling even for décor. The Vastu Shastra believes that a mirror placed on a ceiling release negative energies. Thus, you must avoid placing mirrors on the ceiling.
  6. Colours – The Vastu Shastra believes that the ceiling should only have white colour as it balance the mood. Any vibrant colour is a strict no as it is believed to bring negative vibes and bad luck in life.
  7. Skylight – This comes with dual effect as the same design is believed to be good for professional growth so you can design the same at workplace. But, this is just not right for the bedroom as it has the tendency to give a person sleepless night.

So, keep all these things in mind before finalizing a home design as a vastu-compliant ceiling can bring peace, happiness and prosperity in life.