Display Crockery as Home Decor Item
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Crockery is usually placed in a closet or a cabinet. But, now it’s time to display the crockery in a stylish manner. Many people have a crockery stand or a corner to place the beautiful porcelain instead of keeping them in the bed box.

But, now the trend has changed and people buy crockery to decorate home. Also, you can use the crockery in a bilingual way. Firstly, style your home by placing them artistically and then you can use them as too.

How is it possible? Well, it is possible if you follow these easy tricks to display crockery.

  1. Place Mugs on Open Shelves – 

Showcase mugs on the open shelves in Kitchen and offers a distinct look to space. Apart from looking trendy this style of placing offers more space to store things.

Place Mugs on Open Shelves
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  1. Get the Crockery Wall-Mounted – 

The dining plates are usually placed in a plate-rack but what about styling the wall with them. Yes, get different-sized plates together and wall-mount them either in the kitchen or in the dining arena. This will offer a chic look to your home décor.

Get the Crockery Wall-Mounted
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  1. Place the Shelves Right –

Don’t miss on anything while dining as we suggest you to place a storage cabinet and some open shelves in the dining area. This installation will help you keep various edible items near to the dining table. Also, it offers ample space to flaunt the crockery.

Place the Shelves Right
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  1. Mounted Ceiling Display –

Not many people have a capacious kitchen thus it is important to keep things look beautiful and handy. So, get a wooden plank instilled with multiple hooks and get the bottle jars onto them. The hanging bottle jars idea to make space look bigger and trendy too.

Mounted Ceiling Display
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  1. Hang the Mug – 

The mugs must be handled with care. So, instead of placing them in a rack, hang them in the kitchen arena. Get a hanging mug rack installed near the cooking station and flaunt your style.

Hang the Mug
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  1. Have Open Shelves in Kitchen –

Every kitchen has a cabinet but you can’t make the crockery look beyond the closet door. So, get a couple of open shelves placed in the kitchen and decorate this area by keeping the crockery here.

Have Open Shelves in Kitchen
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  1. Install Hanging Pot Rack – 

Get your cook and serve utensils on the hanging pot rack as it keeps them safe and distinct from the regular cooking utensils. Also, it will offer a false ceiling like feel to the room.

Install Hanging Pot Rack
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  1. Metal Rod Hanging – 

There are many mixing spoons in the kitchen and if you have a zest for baking then definitely would be having a huge set of whiskers and other mixing spoons. So, hang all these in a stylish manner and make your cooking junction look beautiful.

Metal Rod Hanging
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  1. Wine Bottle Rack – 

Place the wine bottles and glasses together by placing them on a multiple holder rack. You can get this rack installed in the lobby, dining or any other section according to the choice. This offers you the chance showcase the wine glass collection.

Wine Bottle Rack
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The above-mentioned crockery décor ideas will help you enhance the look of the home. Also, it will work as a quick renovation to the whole place.