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East Facing House Vastu: In India, buying or constructing a house is sometimes considered a long and hectic process, and one of the main reasons behind this is Vastu. People spend days finding the right house or the right land for constructing their home that will be suitable according to the Vastu. Vastu experts say all directions are promising, but some myths like south-facing and west-facing houses are not much good exists. On the other hand, east facing houseis considered to be the most auspicious for the residents. 

In this article, we will discuss the Vastu of an east-facing house, what is east facing house as per vastu, what are the remedies for east facing home, i.e., the dos and don’ts, some efficient east facing house vastu tips, and some common defects in an east facing house vastu. So, if you are eager to know the east facing duplex house plans per vastu then it is recommended to go through the entire article. 

East Facing House

First, let us see what an east-facing house is or how to figure out whether a house is east-facing or not. The direction of a house is the direction that you will face while you are going out of the house through the main entrance door. So, in an east facing house as per vastu, while going out of the house through the entrance door, the house is an east-facing house if you are facing the east direction. East-facing houses are believed to be blessed with good luck and fortune.

The Dos and the Don’ts

1. Compared to that of south and west, the walls in the north and east directions must be thinner and shorter. 

2. The kitchen must be situated in either southeast or northwest direction.

3. Use mountain salt to purify the house twice a week.

4. Place a globe in the northeast direction if a student lives in the house.

5. According to east facing home vastu, it’s advisable to avoid constructing bedrooms, toilets, and septic tanks on the northeast side of the house.

6. Avoid constructing a garage in the northeast zone.

7. Make sure that there are no big trees in the north and east direction.

8. Avoid keeping clutters and dustbins on the north and north-east side.

These are all about the remedies for east facing home

Some Tips for an East Facing House

Here are some essential east facing house vastu tips that you should follow.

Master Bedroom Tips

According to east facing house vastu, the best direction for the master bedroom inside an east-facing home is the southwest. However, inside the bedroom, there are certain things that you should make sure of- the bed should be positioned with the south or west wall, the bathroom in the master bedroom should not face the bed directly, and its door should be closed, west or north is the best place for changing room in the bedroom.

Pooja Room Tips

According to the east facing home vastu, the northeast is the best direction for a Pooja room in an east-facing house.

Study Room Tips

East and west are the first best direction for studying in an east-facing house, while the north is the second best. Inside the study room, make sure not to place the study chair right behind the door. If you want to put the study table along with any one of the walls, then maintain a small gap between the wall and the table for energy circulation.

Tips for Plants 

Some beneficial plants for an east-facing house are holy basil, lucky bamboo, money plant, neem, aloe vera, banana, etc.

Vastu Defects in an East Facing House

 Some defects according to east facing duplex house plans per vastu are as follows.

1. Due to stairs, bathrooms, or kitchens in the east direction in an east-facing house, a lot of negative energy generates on the eastern side, leading to difficulty gaining recognition, health issues, or strained relationships.

2. The total number of doors in an east-facing house has to be odd, and the most important count of the total number of doors must not end with zero.

3. Try to keep the eastern side well ventilated as too much disarrangement in this direction also generates negative energy.


These are some essential facts about the Vastu of an east-facing house that you must keep in mind while buying or constructing a home, as a proper Vastu plan ensures that a lot of positive energy generates in the home and keeps everyone fit and fine.