Property Tax
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The East Delhi Municipal Corporation has decided to offer relief to the property owners under its jurisdiction. The civic body plans to exempt the increased property tax till 31st July due to the implementation of the 3rd Municipal Valuation Committee (MVC) report, officials said.

Nirmal Jain, leader of the house made this announcement in the East Delhi Municipal Corporation.

According to the provisions, both the commercial and non-residential properties ranging in the size of 139.35 sq. meters and more that come under A category have received exemption equivalent to pre-existing MVC-I, the EDMC, the statement said.

Jain further said that apart from the exemption, the extended rebate period on timely payment of the property tax is also offered till July end.

The exemption is also available on all the industrial properties that fall under the B category according to the recommendations of MVC-I.

Earlier in March, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation had extended the deadline for tax submission under the amnesty scheme till 31st March 2019.

One of the senior EDMC officials said that the civic body has extended the amnesty scheme to pay property tax till the end of March as of earlier February 28 for the property owners of East Delhi.

The official had also informed that under their jurisdiction, there are many unauthorized and regularized colonies. Hence, the residents here didn’t pay taxes. In order to bring them under the tax regime, we have planned to extend the submission dates.

Under the amnesty scheme, a property owner does not have to pay any penalty or interest if they have not submitted the property tax dues on time.