Drywall Technology
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The real estate sector is changing with time and the latest adoption is the Drywall Concept. This technology is replacing the regular brick wall now a day as it has more to offer than just a structure. So, here in this blog post, we are elaborating the Drywall construction technique and its impact on the Indian real estate sector.

Concept of Drywall Technology:

A Drywall is a lightweight panel manufactured after the fine blending of Gypsum [Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate]. The plaster material is mixed with fiber like paper, fiberglass, asbestos, plasticizer and more.

Construction and Technique:

The Drywall consumes less time and manpower in installation and thus its demand in the real estate market is rising. This installation of Drywall is carried out in two parts that include Drywall mechanism and float crew.

The one section includes workforce for installing the wallboard and to carry out the task of tapers and mudmen. On the other hand, the float crew is a team of manpower responsible to finish joints and to cover the fastener heads of the drywall compound.

T-square is used to cut the drywall into the required size by scoring the paper on the finishing side that is usually white in colour with a utility knife. A keyhole saw or a small high-speed bit in a rotary tool is used to create holes for switches. After this, the nails are used to fix Drywall with the wall structure and the drywall fasteners are bought into use to support the interior drywall corners that were earlier used to fix metal blocking.

The bugle head and screws are used to nail the drywall into the structure in order to make it strong and long-lasting. The application of joint tape brings the entire drywall together and a thin coat of finishing compound is applied to even the texture between the paper and mud.

Impact on Real Estate:

The easy implementation method, lower construction cost, inclusion of minimum manpower and the eco-friendly features of Drywall is making the developers choose it over the traditional wall bricks.

The Gypsum material ensures safety and strength of these structures. Thus the drywalls are preferred in the construction of educational establishments, restaurants, offices, high-rise townships and hospitals.

The real estate sector welcome use of latest technology and figure authenticate the same. The Indian construction sector has recorded growth in the use of Gypsum-made structures and the market is like to grow approximately to 333.64 million sq meter by 2021 which 111 times greater than the figure of 2016 that witnessed 221.75 million sq meter consumption.

Use of Drywall Technology in India:

The Gypsum-based Drywall is installed in various places in India like the Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Grand Hyatt hotel in Gurugram, Bennett University in Greater Noida, Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai, Statue of Unity in Gujarat and Crown Plaza in Kochi.


On a whole, the use of this light-weighted but rock solid structure is the future of realty business as it is a budget-friendly option for both the developers and the beneficiaries.