Digitization of Land Records
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Being a property owner is a proud thing as it offers the feeling of achieving something big in life. Especially in the current scenario, when the property prices and the availability of property according to your location preference and budget is not easy to find. But, you must feel good to own even a small piece of land and must carefully seal the deal.

Apart from transferring of property title you must also have information about the land records and the digitization of the same is a step by the Government to provide hassle-free details of property without making the owners stand in a queue.

So, here we are listing all details about the digitization of land records:

What is Digitization of Land Records?

This is an online procedure to keep the record of landowners of a particular region/district. This online documentation of land ownership incorporates details of every landowner in the specific locality such as:

  • Property Owner’s Name
  • Tehsil
  • Taluka

The concept of property record digitization is to offer detailed list of property owners from its first to the last sale.

Online Land Records and Real Estate Sector

The property market is gaining momentum after witnessing a dip due to various reasons. Also, the trust of prospects offer a major boost to this sector and the initiative of online land record documentation by the Government is like icing on the cake. This is so because the buyers can now easily avail the land records while purchasing property which assures them of not getting trapped by any fraudulent seller.

The India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) estimated that the Indian property market is likely to touch USD 180 billion by 2020. This is possible as the real estate sector is currently contributing 5 to 6 percent in country’s GDP [Gross Domestic Product].

The digitization of land record is likely to impact the real estate market positively as this online document includes basic survey documents, sketches, maps, village maps, marking boundaries and various other papers.

Advantages of Land Records Digitization for Real Estate:

  • Firstly, the transparency in the management of land record creates trust between the buyers and realtor.
  • The one dedicated stop for updating land records, maps, survey and registration of properties save time and increase transaction numbers.
  • Easy to apply and receive plan-approvals, occupancy certificates and other documents.
  • Offer clarity about the ownership status/ Property title.
  • Authenticate property/land and simplify the property selling process.

Advantages of Land Records Digitization for Aspiring Home Buyers:

  • The prospect is assured of owning legal property.
  • The future landlord gets clarity about the ownership status/ Property title.
  • Receiving of plan-approvals, occupancy certificates, Encumbrance certificate and more becomes easier.

 Land Record Digitization: The Story so far

  • The Indian Government was serious about recording land from the year 1980.
  • The Government of India launched Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme [DILRMP] in August 2008.
  • Many states worked in this direction but the lack of training to the ministry personnel on the village-level made this procedure a bit difficult.
  • There are many States who didn’t inspect land/plot for more than 100 years.
  • The data mishandling, replication of data and insufficient data are some of the reasons that let lose the DILRMP Scheme.

On a whole, this is a positive step by the Government in order to set up a transparent system.