Construction in Green Zone
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The National Board for Wildlife [NBW] in Maharashtra decided to control unbridled construction that is taking place in and around the eco-sensitive zones in Maharashtra. The board retained 2 percent fee of the project cost which had been earlier planned to imply on the real estate developers for carrying out construction in such areas. This decision is likely to impact a minimum of 13 projects near to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and the Tungareshwar Sanctuary.

Earlier, the National Board for Wildlife had decided to deduct the compensation fee by1 percent as the localities around the national park and sanctuary were already developed. The decision to cut down on the compensation fee was taken in February this year.

According to the current guideline, the projects with a construction area of more than 20,000 sq. mtr. need environment clearance as it clarifies that the development is not harmful to the ecologically-sensitive region. This clearance also assesses projects overall impact on air, water and density.

The developers also require a clearance from the National Board for Wildlife in case the company is involved in the usage of any portion of a protected area. This is important if the construction activities are being carried out within a 10-km radius from its boundaries or within the sensitive zone.

According to a real estate portal, more than 519 developmental projects have got clearance from the board in the past four years in regard to the threat element to the wild areas. The loss of wildlife habitat in the entire country is 24,329 acre which is double of the Chandigarh city. These projects impact more areas due to blasting, construction, an influx of labour and other development work like roads, etc.