OC Cancellation

DTCP i.e. the department of Town and Country Planning cancelled the Occupancy Certificates of nearly 100 properties in the city. This decision is taken while considering the commercial activities that are being performed in residential areas.

The DTCP officials said that the owners of all such properties are booked of violating building rules.

All these properties are located in the DLF locality, Sushant Lok and Palam Vihar. The Tehsildar of Gurgaon city is directed by the DTCP department about the non-registration of such properties and approximately 165 properties in Gurugram lost OCs i.e. Occupancy Certificate in the past six months.

Also, the cancellation of Occupancy Certificate is reflecting in discontinuation of water, electricity and drainage connections.

RS Batth, District Town Planner, said that this decision will also prohibit the property owners from selling the same asset without registration. This is surely going to make them worried.

Prior to this, the department of Town and Country Planning had cancelled the Occupancy Certificate of 38 residential buildings situated on Golf Course Road and Sushant Lok 1.

The DTCP officials said that all those structures were using illegal commercial operations due to which the department had to bear a huge loss. The rules clearly state that any residential building licensed under DTCP colonies cannot conduct commercial operations from its premises.

In the last month, reports surfaced that there are more than 100 residential buildings made changed in the establishment structures after receiving the Occupancy Certificate from the Government agencies. These changes are made to run commercial activities such as gym, salon, showrooms, clinics and more.