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The Thiruvananthapuram Civic Body is likely to begin demolition drive against the unauthorized construction in the Kovalam-Vizhinjam locality.

A couple of days ago, notice was issued a tourist resort that is spread over 33,000 sqft area and has five buildings under its vicinity. The resort owners, however, didn’t make any communication with the civic body officials in relation to the stay order from the court.

One of the officials said that the resort owner also didn’t come up with a valid document that has building number. The official further confirmed about giving ample time to the owners to reply and show documents before the commencement of demolition drive.

The civic body has sought police assistance for the demolition process. Communication was also sent to Kerala water authority and KSEB to cut off water supply and power supply respectively. The civic body has also procured the machinery required for the demolition.

The KCZMA i.e. the Kerala coastal zone management authority met on 9th May and framed the CRZ rules that were applicable on illegal construction in Kovalam. According to the meeting, it is mandatory for all the projects to fall under the CRZ notifications like in 1991 and 2011. The authority also pointed out that the property owners had ample time to submit the application in front of the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Climate Change for availing CRZ clearance to regularize construction till  June 30, 2018,but none of them have submitted the documents.

In many cases, the property owners have not submitted the asked documents.