Lal Dora Areas
Img : trvl-media

In a recent announcement which can also be seen as a big relief for Delhi’s rural population, Delhi Govt has ordered the divisional commissioner to begin the process of extension of Lal Dora areas in all villages. The decision has been made in a meeting which took place under the leadership of Manish Sisodia.

Giving more details about this move, Delhi’s deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that there are around 360 villages in Delhi and their population has increased to a large extent. Hence, to fulfill this need, the govt. has increased the periphery of Lal Dora areas to accommodate the growing demand of the rural population.

Revenue minister Kailash Gahlot said, “We have issued a direction to the divisional commissioner to submit a report within two weeks pertaining to extension of Lal Dora areas in all the villages.”

He further said that I have issued a written directive to the divisional commissioner Manisha Saxena and gave him a clear direction that the housing requirement in villages must be accommodated soon.

“Timelines in respect of the villages of Delhi for completion of consolidation proceedings be submitted within two weeks,” added Gahlot.

Lal Dora refers to land that is part of the village ‘Abadi’ and is used for non-agricultural purpose only. These areas were exempted from the building bye-laws and construction norms and related regulations under Delhi Municipal Act.

Apart from this, Deputy CM also reviewed the projects that were announced under ‘Green Budget” to reduce increasing pollution level in the national capital. Giving details about this, the deputy chief minister said that 26 projects were mentioned under ‘Green Budget’ and out of these, 21 projects are on “track” while five are “off-track”.