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DDA i.e Delhi Development Authority has planned to deploy drones in the city to protect the vacant plot in the national capital from encroachers. The drone survey is a part of the multi-pronged strategy that is developed to tackle the risk and hazard that can be raised from the encroachment of DDA’s land parcel. The drone policy also includes use of satellite images and will also award the employees for keep control and check on encroachment as the part of an initiative.

Tarun Kapoor, Vice-Chairman of DDA said that the authority will make use of drones and satellite images to protect the land parcels falling in the city and will also encourage employees efforts to minimize encroachments by awarding them with incentives.

He further said that we will also engage private drone operators to get land photographs and are also prepared to tie-up with Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Regional Remote Sensing Centre (RRSC) to availing satellite images. He also said that they have begun receiving present images.

The Delhi Development Authority is facing the issue of encroachment on the land despite taking several measures.

DDA will be able to receive images of the vacant plots by the use of drones and they will also prove beneficial to fetch aerial images of the vacant land plots. The vacant plots of the Delhi Development Authority are spread over the entire region of the national capital and thus capturing of images from the ground level is not possible for the authority as it is a tedious process and doesn’t offer the desired results. 

Under the incentive plan for the employees, the Delhi development authority will offer awards in five categories out of which the first will be for the retrieval of DDA land and the second category will offer awards to the employees who will be successful in removing encroachments from authority’s land according to the orders passed by the court.

In the third category, the employees will be awarded for cleaning debris from the DDA land and for protecting the same from the encroachers by constructing boundary walls. This category also includes employees who will place signboards stating that the land is listed in the DDA’s land management inventory. In the fourth category, DDA’s Quick Reaction Team (QRT) members will be awarded for protecting authority’s vacant land from illegal construction and debris via regular inspections and also for ensuring zero security lapses from the boundary wall. In the fifth and last category, the awards will be given to the employees for vacating enrichers from building flats like property on DDA’s land.

In all these categories, the first prize winner will get Rs. 10,000 for each member of a team that includes a maximum of five members, the second winner will receive Rs. 5,000 for each team member from a team that has a maximum of three members and the third prize is planned to be of Rs. 3,000 for each team members that comprise of three members.

Other than the cash prize, the Delhi Development Authority will also give a citation and trophy to the awardees. These awards will be distributed initially in every six months and the same will be offered a yearly basis.