The Delhi Development Authority [DDA] is all set to roll out its housing scheme in February 2019. Although, this time the aspiring home buyers in the national capital have a hard luck as the authority is expected to roll out nearly 20,000 dwelling units only.

According to the sources, a maximum of these residential units will be 1BHK or will be dedicated to the EWS [Economically Weaker Section] group. This scheme was expected to be launched early this year, but somethings pushed the same in the coming year. The sources said that initially, the Delhi Development Authority planned to roll out 30,000 flats under this scheme but now that plan has been dropped.

A DDA official said that we are rolling out the flats that are ready for possession despite one or hardly two months-time to wrap up the procedure after which the launch of this residential scheme will take place.

The official further said that, a total number of dwelling unit will range between 15,000 and 20,000. In which a maximum number of flats will be 1BHK or for those falling under the EWS [Economically Weaker Section] group. These units will incorporate 2BHK flats also.

The flats on the roll are smartly designed and are more capacious in comparison to what was designed in previous housing schemes. Previously, the Delhi Development Authority faced lot criticism for its small 1BHK apartment and a huge number of flats were returned by the allottees.

The official said, that now the flats are built bigger and better in comparison to the previous ones and the 1BHK flats in this scheme comprise of a minimum size of 40 square metres which is 10 square meter bigger than the previously built ones.

The official further said that approximately, 8,000 flats that were surrendered by previous allottees and these are not included in the scheme this time. Also, the authority is looking for bulk buyers that can include government departments or PSUs, for the flats lying with us from our previous schemes.

Tarun Kapoor, the DDA Vice-Chairman said that we are working hard to launch the housing scheme in February 2019.