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CPWD i.e Central Public Work Department went into an agreement with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency [BEE] and decided to develop 150 energy efficient buildings. These proposed structures will secure 50 million units per annum.

The Power ministry issued a statement and informed about developing 150 energy efficient buildings in the first stage and these buildings will be considered under star rating scheme in order to encourage and promote energy efficient buildings that are managed by CPWD.

In the statement, the ministry also said that we estimate saving of over 50 million units in the first stage.

In the star rating scheme, the buildings are rated on their actual performance while considering specific energy usage in kwh/sqm/year. The buildings are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, and the buildings securing 5-star are denoted as the most energy efficient structure.

The MoU [Memorandum of Understanding] was signed between Abhay Bakre, Director General, BEE and Prabhakar Singh, Director General, CPWD.

Both the CPWD and BEE agreed to promote designs and development of Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) compliant new buildings as per the MoU [Memorandum of Understanding]. They both also agreed to create awareness about energy efficient buildings managed CPWD without registration or renewal fee.

This MoU is signed for a tenure of five years or till any of the party wish to withdraw from the same.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a statutory body governed by the Power Ministry and is responsible to implement policy and programmes related to energy efficiency and conservation in collaboration with CPWD.

The Central Public Work Department [CPWD] is Government’s premium construction company in the country.