Consider Vastu Tips Before Renting A Home
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Mr. Nayyar [33] and his spouse [30] are living in a rented apartment at a plush location from sometime. But, the couple is experiencing stressful-life ever since they have moved in here. Mr. Nayyar also visited his ancestral home and performed puja in order to get some peace of mind but nothing worked. As a result, the couple has decided to move into a new rental home, but every home moving includes some pros and cons especially the Vastu-dosh.

If you are also facing the same issue then here are the points that you must consider while choosing a rented-apartment.

  1. Direction of Main Door – According to the Vastu Shastra, the entry gate or the main door of every home must be facing North, East or North-East direction. These directions are believed to bring in positivity, good energies, health and wealth. So, you must check the direction of this door before finalizing the deal.
  2. Direction of Kitchen – The kitchen must not be structured in the North-East direction of a home. This is because the amalgamation of the fire element and the North-East direction produces negative energy and thus you should avoid renting a home with this specification.
  3. Use of Black Color – The black color looks classic but a home should not have a black color wall painted. Also, you must avoid renting a home with black-colored floor titles as this color attracts negative energies.
  4. Balcony Direction – You must also check if the balcony is in South or West direction. Both these directions are not perfect for a balcony according to Vastu Shastra. So, you must consider this point also while renting a home.
  5. Locality Preference – Make sure the home you choose to live-in as a tenant must not have any crematorium or a graveyard nearby. A home facing these places is not good to live-in as the place flush out impure air.

Keep these five points in mind while choosing a home as a tenant because a single Vastu-dosh is also enough to end your peace of mind.