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Vastu Tips: The living room Vastu plays a major role in directing the energy flow in your house. You address your guests in the living room. Since you don’t want your guests to walk through your personal space, the main door leads directly to the living room. 

Being the main entrance of your house, the living room is the gateway of energy. Therefore, your living room should be Vastu compliant to handle negative energy right there. 

The right arrangement can bestow you with health, wealth, and prosperity in your house. 

Another main reason to fill your living room with positivity is its role in keeping the family together. Nowadays, everybody has their own rooms. The living room is the only place where the family sits together and spends some quality time. 

To ease organizing the living room Vastu, we have created an ultimate guide that covers all the aspects of Vastu for living room


The first step of the living room Vastu is its location in your house. You have to determine the location beforehand because it can work to change it after the construction. 

According to the Vastu for living room, you can choose one of the following directions:

●      North: This is one of the best locations to place your living room. This section of the house offers health and wealth.

●      North-east: This is another best location for your living room. This section of the house offers stability and peace.  

●      North-west: People who don’t want their guests to stay for a longer duration prefer this direction. Air is the dominating element in this section. Therefore, guests tend to become restless and leave early. 

●      South-west: Despite being one of the most comfortable sections of the house, people avoid making living rooms in this direction. A southwest living room will persuade the guests to stay more than usual. 

Another main reason to avoid making your living room in the southwest direction is that this section belongs to the head of the family. 

In addition to that, the door of your living room should be facing north, east, or northeast direction. The energy flow begins from the north and east direction. 


After its location, the second important aspect of your living room is its color. Therefore, you should choose the best Vastu colors for living room

Guests, as well as family members, use the living room. Thus, your living room should give off welcoming and happy vibes. 

Bright colors are the best Vastu colors for living room. Colors like white, light green, light pink bring in positive vibes such as peace, growth, purity. 

Using multiple bright colors will make the room look more lively and joyful. Create a combination of colors that suits your taste. 


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To make your living room more comfortable and convenient, you should equip it with all the necessary furniture. Placing all the furniture randomly can disrupt your living room Vastu

According to Vastu, you should place your heavy furniture like a sofa set or bed in the west or south-west direction of the living room. You should install your electronic appliances in the southeast part of the living room. 

You should avoid keeping appliances that are broken or not working. Such things radiate negative energy and adversely affect the living room Vastu.

If you have adjoined your dining space in your living room, you should set it up in the east or southeast part of the living room. 


Put Up Paintings

Many home decor products enhance the flow of positive energy in your living room. 

A fish aquarium can bring serenity and calmness to your living room. Colorful fishes moving in water can make you feel at ease. 

If you want to keep a vase in your living room, you must keep real flowers and change them regularly. Artificial flowers attract negative energy, whereas real flowers bring freshness and soothing fragrance to your living room.  

You can also get Vastu paintings living room. However, you should avoid hanging paintings that depict negative emotions like death, war, catastrophe, etc. Cover your walls with paintings that evoke positivity and happiness. 

The living room can be covered with bright as well as dark curtains, depending on their placement. If you are using dark curtains, you should arrange them in the southwest direction. On the other hand, light curtains should be hanged on the northeast side. 

The living room of your house is the most vulnerable part of your house. All kinds of people visit this section. Therefore, your living room Vastu should be able to handle the negative energies before they disrupt the overall balance of your house